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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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SAN150 - Santana Healer

Review Title: Pork Pie Hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Mar 14, 2015
Posted By: Ronald C.
Location: Birmingham , AL United States
Comments: I love it!
Review Title: Great Hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Sep 02, 2014
Posted By: Michael
Location: Indianapolis , IN United States
Comments: This is a great hat. It definitely makes a statement and I have had a lot of compliments. I highly recommend it. Quality is top notch and the construction is very substantial.
Review Title: Very Pleased
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Jun 06, 2014
Posted By: Robert K.
Location: Columbus, OH United States
Comments: Excellent styling, fit and delivery. Very pleased. Thank you Hartford York.
Review Title: Blues Lid
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Apr 14, 2014
Posted By: Phil G.
Location: Greenville, SC United States
Comments: Great looking hat with plenty of mojo . I wear it when I play music with the fellas.
Review Title: Quite A Cover!
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Apr 06, 2014
Posted By: Heschel
Location: Charleston, SC United States
Comments: Living in Charleston, SC, you must have a hat for the nearly year-round intense sun and this hat fits so well with the trendy scene of the city. I agree this is the coolest hat of the year. Hartford York's owner represents the best hat brands in the industry and is I think one of the few hat purveyors left to give style and tradition an equal say in his business.
Review Title: Classic Rule Breaker
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Mar 15, 2014
Posted By: Timothy S.
Location: Teaneck, NJ United States
Comments: Such a cool design with unexpected anti-conformist flare. This Santana Healer arrived right on time too.
Review Title: Smooth
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Oct 12, 2013
Posted By: Leon H.
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL United States
Comments: Love my new lid.
Review Title: Beautiful Hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: May 08, 2013
Posted By: Name Withheld
Location: St. Louis, MO United States
Comments: Excellent style and fit.