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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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WF502 - The New Yorker

Review Title: Quite Nice
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Feb 24, 2016
Posted By: Michael M.
Location: Tulsa, OK United States
Comments: Excellent value, good looking in a classic fedora. I'm very pleased.
Review Title: Very Well Made Hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Jan 30, 2016
Posted By: Carlos
Location: Los Angeles, CA United States
Comments: This is a very well made fedora hat. I bought one in brown and its very nice. The shipping was quick and well packaged. Just keep in mind that this is not a soft felt type of hat. It is on the stiff side as well as the brim. I got the XL size and it is on the tight side. (Does Scala make a XXL size?) Overall, this is a well made hat, not all that soft and a bit on the tight side.
Review Title: Good Hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Oct 03, 2012
Posted By: D.B.
Location: Huntsville, AL United States
Comments: I bought this for a reenactment event & was very pleased with how the hat fit and looked.
Review Title: Great Looking Hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Sep 16, 2012
Posted By: T.A.
Location: Providence, RI United States
Comments: I had this hat in Black and Grey and got it in Brown to go with everything else. Great hat; looks good.
Review Title: Liked It So Much, I Bought Two
Product Rating:
Date Posted: May 15, 2012
Posted By: Tom A.
Location: Pawtucket, RI United States
Comments: I bought a New Yorker fedora in Grey. I liked it so much I bought another in black. Nice style; good sizing; fast shipping. I recommend Hartford York.
Review Title: Christmas Bonus
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Jan 11, 2012
Posted By: Gail
Location: Honolulu, HI United States
Comments: Fabulous hats. Free shipping. Free hat. How can you beat that?
Review Title: Perfect
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Dec 08, 2011
Posted By: Greg
Location: Goshen, NY United States
Comments: Beautiful hat, without the feather it looks a lot like the Indy hat as I chose brown. I truly could not be more delighted: obvious quality & great looks. And affordable!
Review Title: Great Hats
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Sep 27, 2011
Posted By: George
Location: Columbiaville, NY United States
Comments: I have been dealing with Hartford York for years. Their craftsmanship and quality are superb. They have such a wide selection from the most famous sellers in the world. I love the return policy. If it doesn't fit, just send it back and you will get the hat in the size you wanted. I will never deal with any other company but Hartford York. They're the Cadillac of Hat Companies.
Review Title: Amazing Hat at a Great Price
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Jun 26, 2011
Posted By: Noah P.
Location: Clovis, CA United States
Comments: This hat is amazing. It is definitely one of the best hats you can get for the price they are offering. I recommend the color black because it is more versatile.
Review Title: A fine hat
Product Rating:
Date Posted: Feb 12, 2011
Posted By: Jeff
Location: Atlanta, GA United States
Comments: I love the New Yorker. It's a satin lined hat, well made and looks sharp. This is a hat you can wear dressed up or casual. A throwback, yes, but hats for men are making a comeback and the fedora is a classic that never goes out of style. My lady loves it.