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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

2X / 3X Sizes S/S

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Jb Stetson Leather Ivy Cap - The Redding - image

JB Stetson Redding...
$175.00   $122.50

Jb Stetson Leather Cadet Cap - The Byers - image

JB Stetson Leather...
$150.00   $105.00

Indiana Jones Fur Felt Fedora - The Dressed Up Indy - image

Dressed Up Indy

Indiana Jones Wool Felt Fedora - The Indy Wool Felt - image

Indiana Jones Wool Felt

Leather Helmet - The Leather Aviator Helmet - image

Leather Aviator Helmet

Christys' Fur Felt Top Hat - The Top Hat - image

Christys Top Hat
$495.00   $346.50

Men's Christys' London Fur Felt Bowler Hat  - The Chaplin - image

$295.00   $206.50

Men's Christys' London Fur Felt Fedora - The Foldaway - image

$225.00   $157.50

Christys' London Fur Felt Fedora - The Trilby - image

$195.00   $136.50

Men's Borsalino Wool Newsboy Cap - The Garibaldi - image

$99.50   $59.70

Borsalino Wool Newsboy Cap - The Mario - image

Borsalino Wool...
$155.00   $93.00

Men's Borsalino Cashmere Ivy Cap - The Leonardo - image


Borsalino Beaver Fur Felt Stingy Brim - The Balducci - image

Borsalino Beaver...
$795.00   $477.00

Men's Borsalino Beaver Fur Felt Fedora Hat  - The Stingy Ultimo - image

$695.00   $417.00

Men's Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The Casual - image

$325.00   $195.00

Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The Cervelt - image

Borsalino Fur Felt...
$795.00   $477.00

Men's Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The Como - image

$450.00   $270.00

Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The Traveler - image

Borsalino Fur Felt...
$295.00   $206.50

Bailey Wool Felt Fedora - The Casson - image

Bailey Stingy Wool...

Bailey Lanolux Fedora - The Barr - image

Bailey Lanolux...

Anthony Peto Newsboy - The All Wool Versailles - image


Anthony Peto Leather Pork Pie - The Jelly Bone - image

Peto Jellybone...

Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Sheared All Beaver Trooper - image

Leinburd/Crown Cap...
$695.00   $417.00

Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Mink Trooper W/Leather - image

Leinburd/Crown Cap...

Stetson Fur Felt Hat - The Open Road Fur Felt - image

Stetson Open Road Fur...

Wigens Shearling Ball Cap - The Baltic - image

The Wigens Baltic

Men's Wigens Shearling Ivy Cap - The Gustav - image


Men's Wigens Shearling Trooper Cap - The Bjorn - image


Men's Wigens Leather And Fur Bombardier Hat - The Klas - image


Stetson Fur Felt Fedora - The Temple - image

Stetson Fur Felt Temple
$195.00   $136.50

Men's Stetson Fur Felt Hat - The Weekender - image


Stetson Fur Felt Fedora - The Firenze - image

Stetson Firenze

Scala Wool Felt Top Hat - The Mad Hatter - image

The Mad Hatter

Ricardo Leather And Fleece Cap - The Ivy Fleece - image

Ricardo Leather And...

Men's Ricardo Leather And Sheepskin Wool Hat - The Captain - image


Men's Ricardo Leather And Sheepskin Trooper Cap - The Trooper - image


Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Shearling Diplomat - image

The Shearling
$150.00   $90.00

Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Men's Winter Cap - The Lambskin Envoy - image

Men's Winter Cap
$150.00   $90.00

Men's Leather Trooper - Sheared Beaver & Leather Trooper - image

$350.00   $210.00

Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Mink Trooper - image

Leinburd/Crown Cap...
$995.00   $597.00

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Men's hats in large sizes like 2X and 3X (which fit very large heads) can sometimes be difficult to find. Retailers just don't keep larger hats for men in stock that are big enough for the hard-to-fit man with a Size 8 head, measuring 25 1/4 inches. Here at Hartford York, however, we have an extensive collection of men's hats in sizes 2X and 3X in every style of headwear, and we've even categorized them separately to make the search a tad easier, so you can look specifically at 2X and 3X Caps or 2X and 3X Fedoras. One of the new hats this Spring/Summer 2015 season that comes in Size 7 3/4 or XXL is the new SuperDuper fedora, The Parabuntal Grey, from

Italy. This rare find of a hat is made from decades old woven parabuntal fiber and crafted into one of the lightest, and finest, fedoras you'll ever see. It sports a handsome dark grey band set on grosgrain trim. We have very few and the price is not for the faint of heart -- but you won't be disappointed.

Until they sell out, Borsalino has two new hats large enough to fit heads that measure 24 3/4". There's The Tesa Piccola, a hand woven Fino Panama hat with a snap brim. Blocked to perfection, it's finished with a tan grosgrain band and bow featuring the Borsalino monogram and fitted with a soft grosgrain sweatband. The Maglina Canapa, in Navy, Brown or Tan, is a hemp braid fedora from Borsalino. Soft, pliable and comfortable, the stingy brim can be worn up or down.

Some of the fedoras from Bailey of Hollywood are also made in large sizes and include hats like: The Thurman, a Panama fedora with a snap brim and center dent crown; The Sydney, a teardrop crown Panama hat with a stingy brim; a walking hat called The Mannes, a braid fedora in four great color combos with a teardrop crown and stingy 1 5/8 inch snap brim; and another poly braid fedora called The Mannesroe, a center dent hat from Bailey that features a contrast braid snap brim and Bailey badge.

If it's a large Spring/Summer linen newsboy you're looking for, check out The Irlandise. This full cut cap by Anthony Peto of Paris has a single snap brim boasts a subtle herringbone pattern and (besides being perfect for the season), is a Hartford York exclusive. We've brought back another large size 100% linen newsboy cap, also exclusive to Hartford York and also from the workshops of Anthony Peto this year. Made from a substantial, grainy fabric and lined in cotton, you can choose from lots of colors including Natural Herringbone, Blue Stripe and Gold Check. Customers who've bought this cap rave about it with reviews that read:
  • Workmanship, liner materials, and fit are really fine.
  • This is the best cap I have ever purchased, except for the other Peto cap I bought in Paris! The quality is immaculate and the styling is super!
  • I am happy with my herringbone natural linen newsboy cap. I like the look and feel of the linen material. My favorite feature of the "Anthony Peto" newsboys is that they are reminiscent of the newsboy caps from the 1930's and 1940's which were wider and had more material flopping over the sides; unlike the newsboy caps of our present era which are too narrow in their design.

JB Stetson has extra-large linen caps as well, The Belfast, a longshoreman style ivy cap with a sewn down brim and cotton lining, and The Hatteras, a newsboy that one satisfied customer says is "a nice summer cap. It's comfortable with an attractive design, and well made."