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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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2X / 3X Fedoras

If it's extra-large fedoras you seek at the moment, saving your search for 2X and 3X Caps and 2X and 3X Winter Hats for a bit later, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find hats that fit large sizes like Borsalino's Traveler, an open crown fedora in textured fur felt, offered in sizes to 24 1/2 inches, which is 62 cm or U.S. size 7 3/4. Stetson's got a new XXL fedora this Fall/Winter 2014 season as well, with [more]

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Bailey Lanolux Fedora - The Barr - image

Bailey Lanolux...

Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The Traveler - image

Borsalino Fur Felt...

Stetson Fur Felt Fedora - The Downs - image

Stetson Downs

Stetson Fur Felt Fedora - The Barnstormer - image

The Stetson Barnstormer

Stetson Fur Felt Fedora - The Firenze - image

Stetson Firenze

Jb Stetson Stingy Brim Hat - The Suede Fedora - image

JB Stetson Suede Fedora
$150.00   $97.50

Indiana Jones Fur Felt Fedora - The Dressed Up Indy - image

Dressed Up Indy

Indiana Jones Wool Felt Fedora - The Indy Wool Felt - image

Indiana Jones Wool Felt

Men's Christys' London Fur Felt Fedora - The Foldaway - image


Christys' London Fur Felt Fedora - The Trilby - image


Borsalino Beaver Fur Felt Stingy Brim - The Balducci - image

Borsalino Beaver...

Men's Borsalino Beaver Fur Felt Fedora Hat  - The Stingy Ultimo - image


Men's Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The Casual - image


Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The Cervelt - image

Borsalino Fur Felt...

Men's Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The Como - image


Bailey Wool Felt Fedora - The Casson - image

Bailey Stingy Wool...

Stetson Fur Felt Fedora - The Temple - image

Stetson Fur Felt Temple

Men's Stetson Fur Felt Hat - The Weekender - image


Stetson Fur Felt Fedora - The Stratoliner - image

Stetson Stratoliner

Makins Fur Felt Fedora - The Greenwich Cafe - image

Makins Greenwich Cafe
$250.00   $125.00

The Barnstormer. Made in Texas from fur felt, this fabulous hat features a just-stingy two inch raw edge brim and thin ribbon trim, western style.

Bailey of Hollywood offers 2XL fedoras too, like The Barr. This snap brim fedora is made from a superior wool felt given a Lanolux finish, where it is sanded to provide a suede-like look and feel. The treatment also provides for excellent shape retention and durability, and this is one good-looking XXL hat in Mahogany. The Casson is another XXL fedora from Bailey, but this wool felt is crafted from a blend of premium wool and noil (silk), which is felted into a thin fabric and given a light shellac. The end product in Doeskin is a center crease crown fedora with a stingy snap brim, and it's a beaut.

The Temple is a back-by-demand Stetson fedora and it's one of the few XXXL fur felt hats we have on hand. That will fit a Size 8 head measuring 25 1/4 inches (or 64 centimeters). The hat has a dimensional raw edge snap brim and is trimmed with a tonal band, feather and pin. One satisfied customer calls this hat a "beauty" and writes in his five-star review: "Fine hat from Stetson. Nice felt and a great color." The Stratoliner is another favorite Stetson hat around here, and it comes in sizes to 7 3/4 or XXL. Customers leave reviews that read:
  • Magnificent hat...brings me back to my childhood when all the well dressed gentleman wore one.
  • As a Boeing retiree, I was drawn to the name of this hat, and the great quality of all my Stetson hats helped me decide to order it. I couldn't be happier with it. The jet liner hat pin is nicely executed and a very nice addition. Like [another customer] indicated, it does trace its roots back to a more glamorous time in the history of travel.
  • Comfortable, sharp looking, excellent for summer because of light coloring but wearable all year.
A number of extra-large dress hats from Borsalino are also back this year, including The Cervelt, a hat one customer says is "by far the nicest hat [he's] ever owned. Incredibly soft material that keeps very well its shape. Very distinctive color." You'll find The Balducci, a limited edition pure beaver, stingy brim Borsalino masterpiece, in this list as well as a 2XL fedora called The Como, about which one customer wrote: "fits perfect, it looks awesome!!!"
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