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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
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Fedoras in sizes 2X and 3X include many from our new Spring/Summer 2014 collection, like the two SuperDuper fedoras, The Vintage Black Parabuntal and The Vintage Paper Braid. From Italy, these hats are both exclusive to Hartford York. The unlined paper braid hat is incredibly soft and the natural fiber is really outstanding, with faint blue specks throughout. The parabuntal hat in black is [more]

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The Bailey Guthrie - image

The Bailey Guthrie

Anthony Peto Straw Fedora - The Peto Outback - image

Peto Safari
$195.00   $97.50

Super Duper Fedora - The Natural - image

Vintage Paper Braid...

Super Duper Fedora - The Black Parabuntal Fedora - image

Super Duper Vintage...

Men's Scala Grade 3 Panama Hat - The Saratoga - image


Brent Black Montecristi Panama Hat - The Aficionado - image


Men's Panama Hat - The Scala Cubano - image

The Cubano

Men's Scala Panama Hat - The Jamaican - image


Borsalino Fedora - The Ponzio - image

Borsalino Ponzio

Brent Black Montecristi Fedora - The Classic - image


Borsalino Fedora - The Lombardo - image

Borsalino Lombardo

Men's Panama Hat - The Christys' Broad Brim Safari - image

Christys' Broad Brim...

Men's Borsalino Handwoven Straw Panama Hat - The Panama Fino - image


Men's Biltmore Panama Hat - The Montecristi Pork Pie - image

The Biltmore...

Makins Fedora - The Bamboo Sisal Fedora - image

Makins Bamboo Sisal

Stetson Milan Braid Fedora - The Degas - image

Stetson Milan Degas

Stetson Milan Fedora - The Stratoliner - image

Milan Stratoliner

Stetson Shantung Fedora - The Vented Burnaby - image

Stetson Burnaby

Borsalino Men's Fedora - The Raffia Fedora - image

Borsalino Raffia Fedora

Biltmore Panama Fedora - The Montecristi Pinch Front - image

Biltmore Montecristi...

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crafted from decades old fiber that lay moribund until rescued by designer Matteo Gioli and crafted into a very light, very fine fedora. You won't be disappointed in these extra-large hats.

Borsalino offers a new extra-large hat this season too. Another Hartford York exclusive, it's a stingy brim linen and silk trilby, lined with mesh for comfortable wear. The plaid sings of sunshine, and the brim snaps up or down for those especially jaunty days. More exclusivity in large sizes comes your way with an Anthony Peto straw fedora, The Safari. This hat features an open weave construction and is available in XXL in your choice of Beige/Tobacco or Brown/Cream.

The Guthrie is a teardrop crown fedora from Bailey of Hollywood. Made in the USA of shantung lite straw, it's available in Size 2XL, and is nicely trimmed with a grosgrain band and feather. If it's Montecristi Panama hats you're looking for in large sizes, The Afficionado, with its linen-like weave from Brent Black, is one to consider. The traditional crown on this hat tops a curl that runs three-quarters of the brim circumference, stopped by a turned down front. There's also The Classic, a Panama hat so comfortable and light, you'll forget to take it off. Reviews for these Brent Black hats read:

  • The Montecristi Classic, while a high-end hat, is a lifetime hat. It is light, looks good, and wears like iron. Highly recommend this hat if you want a casual or dress hat for most climates.
  • The Afficionado is another excellent hat. Great design and look! Brent and Trent hit a homer with this one.
  • If it's color you're looking for in your XXL hat, take a look at The Lombardo. Made from extremely lightweight parasisal, this pinch front fedora is in turquoise blue with a pumpkin trim. It's a Hartford York exclusive made by Borsalino in Italy, and it's not for the faint of heart. Another new Borsalino hat this season is a Panama fedora with a fancy linen band, and it's offered in large sizes to 2XL to comfortably fit some very big heads.
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