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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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2X / 3X Caps

The large caps in sizes 2X and/or 3X that you see here include every style from ball caps and newsboys to flat caps and berets. If it's 2X and 3X Fedoras or you'd like to browse 2X and 3X Winter Hats (whatever the season), you can look at those categories too. For the Spring/Summer 2015 season, we've got a cotton blend Aegean Greek Fisherman Cap in sizes up to [more]

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Aegean Fisherman Cap - The Cotton Greek Fisherman - image

Cotton Greek...

Superduper Linen Newsboy - The Chattanooga - image

Chattanooga Linen...

Anthony Peto Newsboy - The Irlandaise - image

Peto Newsboy Irlandise

Jb Stetson Cap - The Linen Longshoreman - image

JB Stetson Belfast...

Jb Stetson Cap - The Bandera Ivy Silk/Cashmere - image

Bandera Ivy...

Jb Stetson Newsboy Cap - The Wool/Silk/Cashmere Hatteras - image

The JB Stetson...

Jb Stetson Cap - The Hatteras Linen Newsboy - image

The JB Stetson...

Kangol Newsboy Cap - The Tropic Galaxy - image


Kangol Polyester Knit Ivy Cap - The Ventair 504 - image


Anthony Peto Linen Newsboy - The La Louvre - image

Anthony Peto Linen...

Borsalino Linen Newsboy Cap - The Luigi - image


Aegean Wool Fisherman - The Authentic Greek Fisherman Cap - image

Wool Greek Fisherman Cap

Greek Fisherman Cap - The Leather Fisherman's Cap - image

Leather Greek...

Aegean Greek Wool Cap - The Fiddler - image

Greek Fiddler Cap

Laulhere Wool Beret - The Deluxe French Beret - image

Beret Deluxe

Laulhere Wool Beret - The Basque Beret - image

Basque Beret

Aegean Greek Cap - The Aegean Admiral - image

Wool Admiral Cap

Stefeno Leather Patch Newsboy - The Randy - image

Leather Patch Newsboy

Jb Stetson Newsboy Cap - The Stetson Cashmere Hatteras - image

JB Stetson Cashmere...

Jb Stetson Patchwork Newsboy Cap - The Brooklin - image

JB Stetson Brooklin...

a very generous Size 8. Decorated with an elaborate sutash braid, this cap is imported from Greece and available in a wide choice of colors including Black, Denim, Navy, Tan or White. The Chattanooga is a newsboy cap from SuperDuper of Italy, and it is offered in XXL, for heads measuring 24 1/2 inches. A magnificent 8/4 panel cap, crafted from substantial heavyweight linen, it has a snap brim, leather strap in back and cotton lining. It's also a Hartford York exclusive, sure to please.

Anthony Peto XXL caps from Paris include a Spring/Summer linen newsboy called The Irlandise. This full cut cap with a single snap brim boasts a subtle herringbone pattern and (besides being perfect for the season), is exclusive to Hartford York. We've brought back another 100% linen newsboy cap, also a Hartford York exclusive, from the workshops of Anthony Peto this year. Called La Louvre, it's made from a grainy fabric and is lined in cotton. You can choose from lots of colors including Natural Herringbone, Blue Stripe and Gold Check. Customers who've bought this cap rave about it with reviews that read:
  • Workmanship, liner materials, and fit are really fine.
  • This is the best cap I have ever purchased, except for the other Peto cap I bought in Paris! The quality is immaculate and the styling is super!
  • I am happy with my herringbone natural linen newsboy cap. I like the look and feel of the linen material. My favorite feature of the "Anthony Peto" newsboys is that they are reminiscent of the newsboy caps from the 1930's and 1940's which were wider and had more material flopping over the sides; unlike the newsboy caps of our present era which are too narrow in their design.
You'll also see the return of a popular longshoreman style cap in 100% linen called The Belfast. A Hartford York exclusive, this flat cap has a long silhouette and is available in your choice of three colors with sizes up to a generous XXL. With the great quality and attention to detail in every JB Stetson product, you know this is going to be a comfortable wear-anywhere cap with a perfect fit. Other choices include a newsboy cap in linen called The Hatteras Linen as well as The Bandera Linen, a linen ivy cap, both clean and light and fresh for springtime wear. In each style, the cap brim is sewn down and you'll see the words Stetson, An American Spirt, 100% linen embroidered in the cotton lining.

For a driving cap par excellence, there's the silk and cashmere blend Bandera from JB Stetson. Featuring a fine herringbone pattern, sewn down brim, cotton lining and Stetson pin, men's caps just don't get any better than this and the comfort level is quite extraordinary. Another outstanding men's cap is The JB Stetson Silk/Cashmere Hatteras, and this time the five-star reviews can do the talking:
  • Gorgeous fabric. Nice feel.
  • Excellent material. Great fit. Exactly what I have been seeking for a casual everyday hat.
  • Very elegant, yet casual, smooth and appealing...a must have!
Kangol has got a couple of XXL caps for your consideration. There's the Tropic Galaxy, an easy-care polyster newsboy cap in a choice of colors, as well as the cap that made Kangol famous a long time ago, The Ventair 504. This ivy cap is the epitome of classic styling for summer; it's expertly knit and is offered in a trio of colors in size Extra-Extra Large.
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