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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Wool Hats & Caps

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Wool Admiral Cap

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It's time for wool hats and caps, and our Fall/Winter 2014 collection is better than ever, starting with a couple of ball caps that just happen to be Hartford York exclusives. One is actually a "Civil War" style cap called The Lincoln, from the Mr. Kim Collection by New York designer Eugenia Kim, and is made from a deluxe blend of wool, cashmere and mink. The Highball is a traditional ball cap made in

Brooklyn by Tracy Watts. This cap features the brim and front panels in leather, while the back panels are in wool, giving you the best of both worlds.

If you like your wool trilby, take a look at JB Stetson's new walking hat for the season. The Lennox is a stingy brim rex in a basketweave pattern and it's in 100% virgin wool. The unlined hat is trimmed with a fancy frayed ribbon, and is perfect for the season. You might also appreciate The Kennet, a wool newsboy cap, also in a handsome basketweave. This cotton-lined cap with a sewn down brim is fitted with a fabric sweatband for added comfort.

As a special gift to yourself this year, why not consider an ivy cap in 100% cashmere? Borsalino offers this cap in a fine herringbone pattern. The silhouette is just right with a sewn down brim, and the comfort factor is high with a satin lining and grosgrain sweatband. Another deluxe cap is The Cashmere Hatteras from JB Stetson. This really is a trophy of a newsboy cap made in Germany from a Cerruti cashmere and silk blend that is absolutely sumptuous.

For something a little different, but just as luxurious, take a look at The Jimmy, part of the Mr. Kim line by designer Eugenia Kim. This wool driver cap is crafted from 100% wool melton and has a wonderful textured salt and pepper finish. It's a Hartford York exclusive, made in NYC. The two patchwork caps from JB Stetson, called The Texas, an ivy cap, and The Brooklin, a newsboy cap, are made from a variety of patches in different patterns, including wool, and each cap is lined with a fun poker motif lining.

Made in France by Laulhere, The Deluxe French Beret is a sumptuous version of that most quintessential of French headgear -- extra wide and fully lined, and available in your choice of Black or Navy. Look inside the wool cap for the leather sweatband and embroidered tip sticker, then read some of the five-star reviews:

  • This beret was far beyond my expectations. Perfect fit, excellent quality.
  • Nice heavy weight wool, lined beret with leather headband.
  • This beret is so significantly better than any I've seen. The construction and heft of the material is exceptional and I'm so glad I bought one before they're no longer made.
  • Wonderful beret. The best in the world. Nobody comes close to Laulhere.
  • Beautiful, lovely, wonderful beret. Merci!
  • Don't forget about those great Harris Tweed caps from Wigens. There's a ball cap and a driver cap, both with hidden earflaps that drop down when you need a little extra protection from the elements.