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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Wool Felt Hats

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Indiana Jones Wool Felt Fedora - The Indy Wool Felt - image

Indiana Jones Wool Felt

Scala Derby - The Wool Felt Derby - image

Scala Derby

Scala Homburg - The Wool Felt Homburg - image

Scala Homburg

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The wool felt hats in our Fall/Winter collection prove that any hat shape--from jazzy pork pies to formal top hats--can be crafted from that very versatile and most affordable material, wool felt. We've got a fedora in brushed wool felt with a just-stingy two inch bound edge brim and textured leather trim from Eugenia Kim's Mr. Kim line. Called The Francis, it's exclusive to Hartford York, and one of the nicest examples of what a top designer can create with wool felt. Bailey of Hollywood is another hatter that performs little wool felt miracles every time they make a hat. Look at The Darron, for example, a wool felt pork pie hat with a

stingy snap brim and constrast grosgrain trim. Fitted with a fabric sweatband, this hat is offered in two outstanding colors: Tobacco and Cobalt.

There's a homburg from Bailey, called The Basil. Like The Darron, this hat is made from something called "Bailey LiteFelt" -- a natural, unstiffened premium wool felt that has been treated with a water repellant and shaped with a retentive Bailey proprietary process. The result in this case is a center crease crown fedora with a stingy snap brim and contrast color trim. If you're looking for a LiteFelt hat in a striking color called Moss Mix, take a gander at The Wynn. This stingy brim fedora with a teardrop crown and tonal trim might be exactly right.

Bailey has made hats from something called "Cashlux" too, a wool felt made from ultra-fine seventeen micro wool fibers from 'paint free sheep' blended with premium cashmere fibers. Proprietary sanding techniques result in a superfine felt blend that achieves the look and feel of a luxurious fur felt. You can see the outstanding results in The Herbert, a Cashlux derby with rolled brim, and The Benny, a low profile pinch front fedora with double bound brim.

Lanolux is yet another innovation by Bailey of Hollywood with respect to wool felt hats, where the superior wool fibers are sanded and finished to provide a 'sueded' material which is also durable and has excellent shape retention. One Lanolux fedora is called The Barr, and it's a center dent snap brim hat in Mahogany with a handsome tonal trim. Another is The Perry, and this Lanolux fedora in Ash features a leather sweatband with fancy stitched edging.

Kangol offers wool felt hats and even an ivy cap in that material called The Melange 507. The walking hats are in classic trilby style with stingy brims, and the choice of colors perfect for the season. Even Kangol's wool felt pork pie is offered in a range of fall colors including Tobacco, Foilage, Wine and Atlantis.

A number of customer favorites return this season, including the extremely popular New Yorker. This Scala wool felt hat has a snap brim with a bound edge and is trimmed with ribbon and feather accent. The five-star reviews from satisfied customers make good reading, including this: "I love The New Yorker. It's a satin lined hat, well made and looks sharp. This is a hat you can wear dressed up or casual. A throwback, yes, but hats for men are making a comeback and the fedora is a classic that never goes out of style. My lady loves it."