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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
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The wool felt hats in our Fall/Winter collection prove that any hat shape--from jazzy pork pie to formal top hat--can be crafted from that very versatile and most affordable material, wool felt. Whether you choose The Vintage Indy, a water repellent crushable fedora with authentic Indy pin, or The Rocker, a classic pork pie hat by Stacy Adams with a stingy brim of just under two inches, they've got one [more]

Wool Felt Hats

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Scala Womens Floppy Hat - The Cn Traveler - image

Scala Floppy Hat

Kangol Wool Hat - The Crushable Pork Pie - image

Kangol Pork Pie

Scala Wool Felt Snap Brim - The New Yorker - image

The New Yorker

Scala Wool Felt Pork Pie Hat - The Jazz - image

The Jazz

Scala Wool Felt Fedora - The Fedora - image

The Fedora

Scala Wool Felt Top Hat - The Mad Hatter - image

The Mad Hatter

Stacy Adams  Wool Felt Pork Pie Hat - The Rocker - image

The Rocker

Stacy Adams Wool Felt Homburg - The Edward Vii - image

The Edward VII

Stacy Adams Wool Felt Fedora - The Debonair - image

The Debonair

Indiana Jones Wool Felt Outback - The Vintage Indy Fedora - image

The Vintage Indy

Indiana Jones Wool Felt Fedora - The Indy Wool Felt - image

Indiana Jones Wool Felt

Scala Wool Felt Ascot - The Ascot - image

The Ascot

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thing in common: they're wool felt hats.

One of my all time favorites has got to be The Debonair from Stacy Adams. It's absolutely flawless with a snap brim, creased crown and pinched front, then there's that that three-pleat silk band trim with feather. A debonair hat, indeed! I'll also admit to being partial to a Kangol wool felt hat too. This one, called The Crushable Pork Pie, is a hat you can pack and then shake back into shape. Great for travel, it's also water repellent and wears very well.

For something a little different in wool felt, take a look at The Ascot. This is an ivy cap from Scala that's perfect for cool weather wear. People who have bought this cap say the following in their five-star reviews:
  • Very impressed with this hat: fits perfectly, looks great. And it has that real old school feel to it. Unlined and stiff as the wool has been heavily blocked. Man does it work out just perfectly when you slip it on your crown.
  • Very nice hat. The quality is evident from the moment it comes out of the paper. It is made of thicker wool and is better crafted than similar hats sold at common retailers - for the same price.

Two perennial favorites in the men's wool felt hat category are from Scala. There's The Jazz, a pork pie hat with bound edge and double bow grosgrain ribbon trim. The brim is exactly stingy enough for a classic silhouette. The other hat is a fedora you may have heard of, called The New Yorker. This slightly edgy hat is perfect for the man on the go, and handsomely trimmed for the man of business (or pleasure). The reviews are in, and they're great:
  • I love The New Yorker. It's a satin lined hat, well made and looks sharp. This is a hat you can wear dressed up or casual. A throwback, yes, but hats for men are making a comeback and the fedora is a classic that never goes out of style. My lady loves it.
  • Beautiful hat, without the feather it looks a lot like the Indy hat as I chose brown. I truly could not be more delighted: obvious quality and great looks. And affordable!
  • I bought a New Yorker fedora in Grey. I liked it so much I bought another in black.
  • I had this hat in Black and Grey and got it in Brown to go with everything else. Great hat; looks good.
  • I bought this for a reenactment event and was very pleased with how the hat fit and looked.

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