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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Winter Hats & Caps

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Jb Stetson Leather Ivy Cap - The Redding - image

JB Stetson Redding...
$175.00   $105.00

Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Shearling Diplomat - image

The Shearling
$150.00   $105.00

Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Men's Winter Cap - The Lambskin Envoy - image

Men's Winter Cap
$150.00   $105.00

Jb Stetson Leather Cadet Cap - The Byers - image

JB Stetson Leather...
$150.00   $90.00

Wigens Shearling Ball Cap - The Baltic - image

The Wigens Baltic
$295.00   $177.00

Jb Stetson Knit Cap - The Merino Wool Cap - image


Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Mink Trooper - image

Leinburd/Crown Cap...
$995.00   $597.00

Men's Wigens Shearling Ivy Cap - The Gustav - image

$350.00   $210.00

Men's Leather Trooper - Sheared Beaver & Leather Trooper - image

$350.00   $210.00

Men's Ricardo Leather And Sheepskin Trooper Cap - The Trooper - image

$150.00   $90.00

Men's Ricardo Leather And Sheepskin Wool Hat - The Captain - image

$150.00   $60.00

Men's Wigens Shearling Trooper Cap - The Bjorn - image

$395.00   $237.00

Ricardo Leather And Fleece Cap - The Ivy Fleece - image

Ricardo Leather And...
$150.00   $90.00

Scala Cashmere Watch Cap - The Kashmir - image

$95.00   $66.50

Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Mink Trooper W/Leather - image

Leinburd/Crown Cap...
$695.00   $417.00

Borsalino Wool Newsboy Cap - The Mario - image

Borsalino Wool...
$155.00   $93.00

Wigens Storm System Ball Cap - The Loro Piana Cap - image

Wigens Loro Piana...
$195.00   $117.00

Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Sheared All Beaver Trooper - image

Leinburd/Crown Cap...
$695.00   $417.00

Leinburd/Crown Cap Persian Lambswool Winter Hat - The Persian Envoy - image

Persian Envoy
$350.00   $245.00

The winter caps and hats for men seen here in our Fall/Winter collection are impressive, to say the least. New from JB Stetson, we've got a couple of leather caps, one an ivy cap called The Redding, and the other a cadet cap called The Byers. Both sport rugged good looks and are warmly lined with microfleece and feature earflaps that drop down when needed for added protection from cold weather. Sometimes a winter ball cap is

just what's called for, and The Baltic, made by Wigens of Sweden, is flawless. The shearling (leather outside, fleece inside) is rugged and warm, the stitching and styling impeccable, and the drop down fleece-lined earflaps perfect to keep frostbite at bay. Customers love this hat, saying:

  • Craftmenship is excellent! My husband absolutely loves his new hat.
  • Excellent! A wonderful hat! My husband really likes it! Thank you so much!
  • There are other leather caps you might like, such as The Gustav, from Wigens. This may be the finest leather ivy cap in the world, made as it is of unblemished shearling lambskin and lined for warmth with drop down earflaps. It's a rich and rugged, with a perfect fit. The Lambskin Envoy is another outstanding leather hat, this one from Leinburd/Crown Cap, with a shearling trim and quilt lining. It's one of our most popularly priced leather winter hats.

    Sam Saba brings supple nappa leather and 100% sheepskin wool lining to the winter hat table, with the good-looking Captain. Made in Canada, this hat is another with convenient pull down earflaps when added warmth is required. You can also get a winter ivy cap from Sam Saba in 100% double faced sheepskin, with the nappa leather finish on the outside and plush, warm sheepskin on the inside. It too has ear flaps and is water resistant for added protection from the elements.

    Leinburd/Crown Cap offers a winter hat called The Shearling Diplomat. Made of tough, plush sheepskin shearling, the design allows you to pull the fur trim down around your ears and neck for extra protection and warmth. One satisfied customer left this five-star review:
    I received my shearling hat just in time for a cold (in the 30s) blustry (winds 25 mph with 30 mph gusts) day and it kept my head nice and warm. I didn't mind going out quite as bad because of the shearling. The fold down ear flaps and neck cover were also welcomed on the cold day. The shearling is well made and I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

    For a similar silhouette in a very different material, take a look at The Persian Envoy, in genuine Persian lambs wool. Fully lined with a plush quilted lining, this men's winter hat also has a woolen pull-down ear band for added warmth (and it tucks out of sight when not needed). Reviews for this hat read:

  • I received exactly what I wanted when I ordered this item. The hat will ensure warmth when I travel to cold climates.
  • A classic style with superb craftsmanship.
  • When temperatures really plummet, there's nothing like a leather and fur trooper from Leinburd/Crown Cap. Using incredibly soft beaver fur inside, protected by leather on the outer, you'll stay toasty -- in fact, one customer in his five-star review extols the excellent quality of this winter hat, then goes on to add: "Needless to say it must be below freezing, otherwise the hat gets too hot."

    Of course, you can always indulge yourself in the most spectacular winter hat we have with The Mink Trooper made by my deep-frozen friends in Winnipeg (who know what cold really means). One customer left a review which reads: "I waited a long time before purchasing this mink hat, and guess what? It's beyond my expectations. It's soft, warm, luxurious and the size that I ordered (2XL which is my real size) fits perfectly. I am happy with it and it matches my brown shearling coat. SO, if you want it get it, don't think twice."