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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Wigens Hats

Stay warm in Wigens winter hats and caps this Fall/Winter 2014, like that superb leather and fur bombardier-style winter hat called The Klas. Truly superior, this winter hat is built using only the finest goat skin leather and long-haired French rabbit fur. It's an authentic aviator and you can buy the goggles separately for the full experience. You can't beat the craftsmanship evident in another one-of-a-kind winter cap from Wigens. The Baltic is [more]

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Wigens Ball Cap - The Kent Harris Tweed Ball Cap - image

Wigens Harris Tweed...
$150.00   $90.00

Wigens Ball Cap - The Fredric Denim Suede Cap - image

Wigens Suede Denim...
$135.00   $81.00

Wigens Ivy Cap - The Harris Tweed Hans Ivy - image

Wigens Harris Tweed...
$150.00   $90.00

Wigens Ivy Cap - The Ante Suede Ivy Cap - image

Wigens Suede Denim...

Wigens Newsboy Cap - The Elof M Patchwork Cap - image

Wigens Magee Patch...
$150.00   $90.00

Wigens Ivy Cap - The Jimmy M Patchwork Cap - image

Wigens Magee...

Wigens Leather Cadet Cap - The Runar - image

Wigens Leather Cadet

Wigens Shearling Ball Cap - The Baltic - image

The Wigens Baltic
$250.00   $162.50

Men's Wigens Shearling Trooper Cap - The Bjorn - image


Men's Wigens Shearling Ivy Cap - The Gustav - image


Men's Wigens Leather And Fur Bombardier Hat - The Klas - image


Wigens Wool/Cashmere Ivy Cap - The Windowpane Cap - image

Wigens Wool Ivy Cap

Wigens Winter Ball Cap - The Fleece Lined Cap - image

Wigens Winter Cap

Wigens Cashmere Ball Cap - The Gotland - image

Cashmere Ball Cap

Wigens Storm System Ball Cap - The Loro Piana Cap - image

Wigens Loro Piano...

Wigens Storm System Ivy Cap - The Loro Piana Ivy Cap - image

Wigens Loro Piana Ivy

Wigens Cashmere Ball Cap - The Hy Exclusive - image

Wigens Exclusive...

Wigens Cashmere Cap - The Exclusive Newsboy - image

Wigens Cashmere Newsboy
$225.00   $123.75

Wigens Cashmere Ivy Cap - The Hy Exclusive Driver - image

Wigens Exclusive...
$195.00   $107.25

Wigens Leather Ball Cap - The Knut - image

Wigens Leather Ball...
$195.00   $107.25

flawless -- it's a shearling ball cap with leather on the outside and fleece on the inside and it has fleece-lined earflaps that drop down when you need them.

We've brought back two favorite caps this season, both great in cold weather. The first is The Gustave, which may be the finest leather ivy cap in the world. Made of unblemished shearling lambskin and lined for warmth with drop down earflaps, it's rich and rugged, and it's a perfect fit. The second is The Bjorn, a sturdy trooper that's just a remarkable winter hat. It's made from blemish-free shearling on the outside and deep plush sheepskin pile on the inside. You can wear it flap up or down for added comfort.

If you're looking for a cadet cap for the season, don't miss the one in 100% elk leather. It's a satin lined cap with a 2 1/4 inch stitched brim, and it's got a great look in addition to being durable and providing at least some protection from the elements.

When it's Harris Tweed you want, there's a handsome satin-lined ball cap and a flat cap too, both with drop down earflaps for added weather protection. In 100% Magee lambs wool, Wigens brings you a patchwork ivy cap as well as a newsboy cap. Each cap has a sewn down brim and is finished with a satin lining. They are perfect caps for a crisp fall day, as are those in garment washed denim with suede coating and earflaps, which Wigens offers as a ball cap and a pub cap. These are casual caps that can go anywhere.

The Exclusive, a newsboy, is a cap produced exclusively for Hartford York (and you). It's pure elegance in cashmere, with a full elk leather double snapped brim, and is really very nice. There's a ball cap too, called The HY Exclusive, which is made from the same 100% cashmere, and also features an elk leather brim. This cap has quilted lining and earflaps that drop down for warmth when needed.

Wigens likes to bring you different style caps made from the same material. For instance, you've got the Storm System Ivy Cap with its perfect fit in 100% Italian lambs wool (which is from the noted fabric house, Loro Piana). In a fine herringbone pattern, this cap features drop down earflaps, sewn down brim and acetate lining. The second in the pair is a winter ball cap and, like its counterpart ivy, is crafted from 100% Italian Loro Piana wool in herringbone and has drop down earflaps for added warmth. Customers who've bought these caps always comment on their high quality.
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