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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Western Hats

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Men's Stetson Fur Felt Hat - The Weekender - image


Indiana Jones Wool Felt Fedora - The Indy Wool Felt - image

Indiana Jones Wool Felt

Indiana Jones Wool Felt Outback - The Vintage Indy Fedora - image

The Vintage Indy

Western hats take many shapes. Some are timeless cowboy classics, like the Milano Straw Casablanca (which is available in pure beaver as well) and Milano's take on the famed Open Road of LBJ fame they call The Governor; others have more of a cosmopolitan fedora shape, like The Weekender from Stetson. When a man dons a western hat of quality whether the The Aficionado from Greeley (in its blend of European hare and beaver fur, with a slightly curled brim) or that 50X fur felt, The El Presidente, he is immediately known to be a gentleman of refinement and taste (and some disposable income).

As with western hats, the fedoras from the Indiana Jones series are made for the man of action, for the man of adventure (and, yes, virtual reality counts). They're also made in oiled cloth for the man in a downpour. When you're a Gentleman Rancher with attitude to spare, then maybe your real name is Toby Keith. That man has some good hats! He's got 'em in toyo and raffia; in seagrass and sisal. TK cowboy hats come in outback styles, two-tone, multi-tone -- and even camouflage.

When you've been there, done that, don't forget The Riviera! A masterpiece of western hat craftsmanship from Milano, made of hand-woven straw and finely finished with lacquer, this hat is for the cowboy at the top of his game.