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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Walking Sticks

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Canes And Walking Sticks - The Finna Boxwood Top - image

Knob Top

Canes And Walking Sticks - The Finna Rounded Top - image

Rounded Top

Canes And Walking Sticks - The Saddle Top Finna Walking Stick - image


Canes And Walking Stick - The Palatnik Bronze Wolf - image


Finna Wooden Walking Stick - The Bubinga Walking Stick - image


Walking Stick - The Finna Leather Round Handled Cane - image

Finna Round Handle

Walking Stick - The Finna Saddle Handle Cane - image

Finna Saddle Handle

Finna Walking Stick - The Chestnut Walking Stick - image

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The Finna Alpaca Silver Rounded Walking Stick - image

The Finna Alpaca...

Call them canes or walking sticks; call them 'bastons' or cane swords; heck, call 'em art on a stick, if you like. Master cane maker, Boris Palatnik, even has fun with his cane creations, like the magnificent Frog Walking Stick. Look at the clear green Peridot eyes, and two-tone finish in 24K gold plate on the nickel silver cast handle, all atop a sleek ebony cane shaft.The amount of intricate detailing is typical as in his Cougar, his Cougar With Gold and his Bronze Wolf canes, while the trademark Palatnik elegance (as so nicely evidenced in both his Snail and Sterling Silver Snail walking sticks) is outstanding.

Finna canes range from the Knob Top, with its two-tone handle, and their straight handle or curved handle walking sticks to the one piece classic, The Bubinga Walking Stick, a cane carved from a solid block of the exotic bubinga wood, also known as African rosewood. The classic cane shape is also offered in Finna's Brazilian Rosewood Walking Stick and in the deep black of The Finna Ebony Walking Stick.

For people with special needs, such as those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, might I kindly suggest The Finna Leather Handled Cane. Not only does this walking stick look very smart (and help keep sweaty palms dry), both good things for your social life, but it also helps your grip stay sure when a little support would be appreciated. If your grip is good, but your sense of direction suffers, The Finna Walking Stick With Compass, in black or brown, might get you home again. (Of course, you may need to brush up on which way is north before leaving the house.)