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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Walking Hats

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Jb Stetson Trilby - The Teton Weekender - image

Stetson Teton Weekender

Kangol Fedora - The Tropic Player - image

Kangol Tropic Player

Kangol Trilby - The Needles Hiro - image

Kangol Needles Hiro...

Kangol Player - The Spine Stripe Trilby - image

Kangol Spine Stripe...

Kangol Trilby - The Union Spey - image

The Kangol Union Spey...

Robert Graham Cotton Fedora - The Shoreline - image

Robert Graham...

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Tb Open Weave - image

Tommy Bahama Raffia

Tommy Bahama Linen Fedora - The Caribbean Pain Killer - image

TB Linen Fedora

Kaminski Xy Fedora - The Raffia Tampolo - image

The Kaminski XY...

Walking hats for men (like The Gaffer from Kangol) are just that - hats that walk. By themselves. Okay, that's not even true. Men's hats such as The Paddy, a Jonathan Richard wool walker made in Ireland, for example, actually got their start in the British Isles, where shepherds and

other great walkers sought sun protection as well as cover from inclement weather.

If you've been walking bareheaded, we're all embarrassed for you but it's not too late to change. Try treating yourself to a silk and cashmere trilby from JB Stetson called The Teton. This hat, with its very fine chevron pattern, self trim and stingy snap brim, is so sweet it sings. The Adriatic 100% wool walking hat from Christys' Italian Collection is offered in your choice of two great herringbones (charcoal or olive) and might be just the rex to start your jaunts. If you're really picky about the hat you don as you prepare to perambulate (and I can't say that I blame you!), you may wish to cast your eye upon the Wigens cotton patchwork fishing hat in the traditional bucket shape.

As everyone knows, Borsalino of Italy also makes beautiful hats - both their Spinelli Rex and the wool blend Calabria Rex, offered in a light brown check, are certainly no exceptions. If you're casting about for an exclusive men's hat, a truly one-of-a-kind walking hat, The Roland is offered only at, and nowhere else. I chose the great warm weather plaid linen fabric and asked Wigens to make a bucket hat from it. The result is The Roland, with a paisley lining and perfect fit.

Everyone walks, all year long, in every kind of weather. Might as well clap on a fedora walking hat in cotton-lined linen or richly textured herringbone and take the air in style.