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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Victor Osborne

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Exclusive to, you can't buy these Victor Osborne caps and men's hat anywhere else. The NYC hatmaker offers four styles in domestically-produced leather, and the results for each of the newsboy, ivy cap, walking hat and ball cap are too fine for mere words. New this season is a sumptuous leather newsboy cap called The Jack. This 8/4 panel cap features a full baby suede lining and the brim is tacked down with two brass tabs. You will not take this cap off.

Then there's The Bedford, a driving cap, in a handsome color called Oxblood, that is incredibly supple. It's also lined very soft suede, so that your head will be nestled in comfort extreme enough some might call it decadent. One satisfied customer says it's "simply devastating" (in a good way) and adds his review: "This hat feels like placing a warm buttermilk pancake on your head. Kinda like a scalp hug. Add in the aroma and you feel like you are in your own personal "new car" aura. Took a sunrise dog walk this morning...not a crease or line on my head. I cannot recommend this hat more highly. PS...this is my second Victor Osborne hat as I own the Walker Fedora as well."

That leather walking hat hat he's talking about really is perfect for fall and early winter wear. Called The Leather Walker, it's a veritable masterpiece of craftmanship by New York City milliner, Victor Osborne. The leather is smooth, the suede lining is soft and the stitching superb. Without a doubt, this exclusive hat is the most gorgeous leather walker ever. The five-star review for this hat reads: "This is quite simply the finest example I have ever seen. Not owned....SEEN. Ever. It's butter soft, suede lined, gorgeous chocolate brown, expert stitching. An absolutely magnificent hat."

If you'd like the same material crafted into a sublime ball cap rendition, then today's your lucky day. The Leather Ball Cap by Victor Osborne is absolutely the best rendition of a leather ball cap I've come across, and it's made to fit like the proverbial glove. It's been made exclusively for Hartford York, for you.