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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Tommy Bahama Hats

Men's hats from Tommy Bahama are available all year long at Hartford York and made to perfectly top off Tommy Bahama apparel, natch. The Spring/Summer 2015 hat collection includes some great new hats that we think you'll really like, including a luxe fedora in a fine Panama weave. Made in the USA, this dress hat features a fancy two-tone grosgrain ribbon trim with TB marlin pin and is [more]

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Tommy Bahama Raffia Fedora - image

TB Raffia Fedora

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Panama Outback - image

Tommy Bahama Panama...

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Burnt Raffia Fedora - image

The Tommy Bahama...

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Matte Raffia Fedora - image

The Tommy Bahama...

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Narrow Brim Raffia Fedor - image

The Tommy Bahama...

Tommy Bahama Fine Panama - image

Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Buri Braid Fedora - image

TB Buri Braid Fedora

Tommy Bahama Linen Fedora - The Caribbean Pain Killer - image

TB Linen Fedora

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Balibuntal Fedora - image

TB Balibuntal Fedora

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Toyo Stingy Brim - image

TB Toyo W Faux/Leather

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Tb Open Weave - image

Tommy Bahama Raffia

Tommy Bahama Outback Panama - The Vented Outback - image

TB Panama Vented Outback

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Toyo Pinch Front - image

Tommy Bahama Toyo Fedora

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Paper Braid Fedora - image

TB Paper Braid Fedora

Tommy Bahama Linen Ivy Cap - image

Tommy Bahama Linen...

fitted with an elasticized sweatband for comfort. For something completely different, there's The Outback. This Tommy Bahama hat is a Panama fedora trimmed with a leather band and pin. The brim is generous at three inches, and this hat too is made in the USA.

There are several hats in raffia too that you can choose from. One fedora has a burnt raffia finish with a canvas and leather trim, and another features a burnt raffia overlay trim. There's also a stylish hat in raffia with a jute and raffia trim, giving it nice texture, and a similarly trimmed raffia hat but with a slimmer brim that measures two inches. Tommy Bahama even offers a fedora in buri braid, nicely trimed with a jute band and TB Marlin pin.

We've brought back a Tommy Bahama toyo fedora this season, because customers love it so much. The tightly woven pinch front hat has a fancy three-pleat jacquard print trim and marlin pin, and it's one of TB hats made in the USA. Five-star reviews read:
  • It has a wider hat band than most, which I like. Nice tight weave...looks and feels like one that costs much more.
  • Purchased for cruise to Panama Canal. Best selection for straw hats that block the sun but remain cool to the head.
You'll also see a wide-brimmed Panama Outback with diagonal venting and braided rope trim, another made in the USA for Tommy Bahama. There's an elastic sweatband for maximum comfort and when you look inside, you'll see the TB "Shade Maker" tip sticker. For a stingy brim hat, you've got a great fedora from the Tommy Bahama "Relax" line. With a very narrow 1 1/2 inch brim, this hat has leather piping on the grosgrain ribbon trim and on the bound edge brim.
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