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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Swanepoel by Stetson

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The Swanepoel men's hats by Stetson are ready for your order! Available in very limited edition, the hat legends of ALBERTUS SWANEPOEL and STETSON unveil their first-ever collaboration and is proud to offer five of these superior men's hats. Pre-order today to guarantee September 2010 delivery.

Choices start with The Carousel, a dress fur felt fedora with intricate hand embroidery that goes round and round both brim and trim. This exquisite men's dress hat is fully lined and has a leather sweatband for added comfort. More amazing trim detail is yours with The Holmes, a traditional homburg dress hat in 100% fur felt. When designing this hat, Albertus Swanepoel took inspiration from the bowler worn by Sherlock in the latest Holmes movie. For a fedora that celebrates a famous rodeo rider by the same name as the hat, look to The Travis. It's a fully lined fur felt dress western hat, with attitude that only a Swanepoel/Stetson collaboration would dare design.

Pork pie hats have never looked as fabulous as The Pablo and The Regency. Both dress hats, these lids are the epitome of jazz snazz. Just look at the lip of the brim on the Picasso-influenced Pablo -- especially when compared to the flounces of chocolate ribbon on the dark fur felt that so makes The Regency.

Fewer than 50 of each of these very limited edition Swanepoel/Stetson hats will be made, so order today for delivery in September 2010.