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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Straw Hats, Casual

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Men's Raffia Outback - The Joshua Organic Raffia Outback - image

The Joshua Raffia...

Stetson Milan Fedora - The Stratoliner - image

Milan Stratoliner

Santana Pork Pie - The Healer - image

Santana Healer

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Tb Open Weave - image

Tommy Bahama Raffia

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Toyo Pinch Front - image

Tommy Bahama Toyo Fedora

Santana Fedora - The Salvador - image

Santana Salvador

Scala Safari Hat - The Matte Raffia Safari - image

Scala Matte Raffia...

Borsalino Men's Fedora - The Raffia Fedora - image

Borsalino Raffia Fedora
$250.00   $200.00

Mr. Kim Toyo Fedora - The Camel Reid - image

Mr. Kim Camel Reid

Scala Organic Raffia Hat - The Lifeguard - image


Makins Men's Fedora - The Makins San Lucas - image

The Makins San Lucas

Makins Bu Fedora - The Flatiron - image

Makins Flatiron

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You've considered the collection of Straw Dress Hats and have taken the time to carefully peruse the full selection of Panama Hats. Now it's time to dive into casual straw and Panama hats for men, as well as those made from other natural fibers like toyo and raffia, and see what grabs you.