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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
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Men's hats from Stetson -- to be viewed before or after you've admired the caps for men offered by John B. Stetson -- aren't limited to iconic cowboy hats like The Open Road, that fine Stetson hat that offers a touch of Western elegance with its slightly rolled brim, center creased crown and custom leather sweatband. For example, there's The Mercer a stingy brim hat in deluxe 100% Florentine Milan straw. This hat features a [more]

Stetson Hats

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Stetson Shantung Fedora - The Rantoul - image

The Stetson Rantoul

Stetson Milan Fedora - The Stratoliner - image

Milan Stratoliner

Stetson Shantung Fedora - The Vented Burnaby - image

Stetson Burnaby

Stetson Straw Western Hat - The Open Road - image


Stetson Straw Fedora - The Mercer - image

Stetson Mercer

Stetson Pinch Front Fedora - The Monticello - image

Stetson Monticello

Stetson Panama - The Brewster - image

Stetson Panama Brewster

Men's Stetson Fur Felt Fedora - The Firenze - image


Stetson Fur Felt Fedora - The Stratoliner - image

Stetson Stratoliner

Stetson Pure Beaver Fedora - The Benchley - image

Stetson Benchley

Stetson Fur Felt Fedora - The Temple - image

Stetson Fur Felt Temple
$195.00   $146.25

Men's Stetson Fur Felt Hat - The Weekender - image

$195.00   $146.25

Men's Stetson Fur Felt Hat - The Open Road Fur Felt - image


Stetson Fur Felt Fedora - The Tehachapi - image

Stetson Tehachapi

Stetson Fur Felt Fedora - The Degas - image

Stetson Degas

Stetson Fur Felt Dress Hat - The Whippet - image

Stetson Whippet

Stetson Fur Felt Pork Pie Hat - The Darwin - image

Stetson Darwin

Stetson Fur Felt Dress Hat - The Homburg - image

Stetson Homburg

Stetson Fur Felt Dress Hat - The Derby - image

Stetson Derby

Stetson Milan Braid Fedora - The Degas - image

Stetson Milan Degas

Stetson Panama - The Lido - image

Stetson Lido

Stetson Straw Hat - The Roxbury Western - image

Stetson Roxbury...

Stetson Fedora - The Limited Edition Open Road - image

The Stetson Limited...

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center dent crown, bound edge, fancy ribbon trim and a leather sweatband. It's a cool and unlined hat and it's made in the USA by Stetson. A customer who bought it called it "fabulous," adding: "Expertly constructed stingy brim from Stetson. Will add to my summer collection for weekend and work wear."

There's also The Stratoliner. This is a milan braid remake of a famous Stetson hat from decades past, and customers leave five-star reviews that read:

  • A high quality Stetson, classic 1940's style. Dress up or down, it'll look great. Heavier than I thought it would be.
  • Great hat and a quality Stetson to boot! I have been looking for a summer alternative to my felt Moose River Stetson for years and this hat is perfect.
  • Stetson produced a dress hat called The Rantoul in very limited numbers. A delight to wear, this is a snap brim fedora made from an exceptional Japanese Bu Shantung that is very tightly woven yet incredibly lightweight. We're proud to offer this hat as a Hartford York exclusive--you can't buy it anywhere else. The Monticello is another dress hat from Stetson, this one in a premium Shantung. It's a pinch front fedora with a snap brim, striped grosgrain trim with bow and reeded leather sweatband. This hat fits great and is very stylish.

    A satisfied customer calls The Burnaby an "excellent hat," saying it's "very well made, true to size, nicely designed, a pleasure to wear." He's right, you know. It's a fancy shantung fedora that has a contrast weave pattern on the crown and is trimmed with a black grosgrain ribbon band. If it's a Panama hat you need to complete your collection of summer hats, consider The Brewster. This is a fine straw fedora from Stetson that features a contrast bound edge and trim. It's a classic look from a quality brand, and it's made right here in the USA.
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