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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Stacy Adams

Men's Fall/Winter hats from Stacy Adams include a very cool wool felt pork pie hat called The Rocker. It comes in your choice of several shades and the brim on this hat is extremely stingy at just 1 7/8", allowing it to nicely juxtapose the generous 16 ligne grosgrain self band. You may wish to take note of how subdued the decorative feather is above the logo pin--a classy touch. Another choice of hat is the flawlessly trimmed wool felt Debonair fedora, a [more]

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Stacy Adams Wool Felt Fedora - The Debonair - image

The Debonair

Stacy Adams  Wool Felt Pork Pie Hat - The Rocker - image

The Rocker

Stacy Adams Wool Felt Homburg - The Edward Vii - image

The Edward VII

fabulous dress hat with snap brim and creased crown with pinched front. The capper here has got to be its three-pleat silk band with feather. This hat's simply a pleasure to wear.

Stacy Adams also offers up The Edward VII, a faithful reproduction of the classic homburg, exquisitely crafted as a wool felt dress hat. The Edward VII boasts a crown crease from front to back, but no pinch; the 2 1/2" bound brim is sharply turned up all the way around; it's made of wool felt--which is typical of the homburg; and it's got a grosgrain band with feather. Because it's a hat from Stacy Adams, the lining is quality satin and the sweatband pure leather. British accent, however, is optional.

Easy on the pocket prices; style and quality backed by 130 years of experience. Stacy Adams Hats. Get yours.
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