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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Scala Men's Spring/Summer

Your Scala Spring/Summer men's hat collection starts today -- which should in no way keep you from adding to your collection of men's Fall/Winter hats from Scala, of course. With the ultra-reasonable prices and impressively wide variety of Panama hats like the very popular Saratoga, with its slightly western flavor, and the handsome Vented Panama, a genuine Panama fedora with a cool open weave construction and dark ribbon trim, there's no reason not to add Scala hats to your hat rack. [more]

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Men's Scala Panama Hat - The Jamaican - image


Men's Scala Grade 3 Panama Hat - The Saratoga - image


Men's Panama Hat - The Scala Cubano - image

The Cubano

Scala Panama - The Vented Panama - image

The Scala Vented Panama

Men's Scala Straw Hat - The Big Brim Gambler - image


Men's Raffia Gambler - The Mojave Organic Raffia Gambler - image

The Mojave Raffia...

Men's Raffia Outback - The Joshua Organic Raffia Outback - image

The Joshua Raffia...

Scala Gambler - The Raffia Gambler - image

The Scala Raffia Gambler

Scala Safari Hat - The Matte Raffia Safari - image

The Scala Matte Raffia

Men's Yachtsman Cap - The Yachtsman - image

Men's Yachtsman Cap

Scala Organic Raffia Hat - The Lifeguard - image


Scala Men's Waterproof Trilby - The Tannon - image

Scala Tannon

Men's Scala 100% Cotton/Mesh Summer Hat - The Carson - image


Men's Scala 100% Cotton/Mesh Summer Hat - The Diamond Head - image


Men's Scala Water Repellent Cotton Rain Hat - The Travel Roll-Up - image


The Cubano is a Panama hat from Scala, one of its hats that is made in the USA. It's a classic "C Crown" shape and features a grosgrain ribbon trim with bow and a somewhat generous 2 5/8 inch brim. Another great Scala men's hat that's a must-have for the season is The Raffia Gambler. It has a raffia braid body with a nice big brim and elasticized sweatband for a comfortable fit. The hat features a jute trim with a striking palm tree badge at one side.

The natural fiber used in The Matte Raffia Safari looks very different from the woven braid in The Raffia Gambler. In the fedora, the brim is somewhat narrower at 2 1/2 inches, and the trim is a band made from faux leather with a raffia overlay. You'll find Scala's patented elasticized sweatband in The Matte Raffia Safari for added comfort and a sure fit. Customers who have bought this hat love it, leaving five-star reviews that read:

  • Excellent look and fit. A great bargain for the money.
  • This Scala hat is a great value and should wear very well. A fine addition.
  • Very nice hat. Love the color (Tea). Received lot of compliments on the hat.
  • Outback style hats in raffia are cool to wear, and The Mojave is just such a hat in crocheted raffia. The trim is leather and the brim a generous three inches. You'll feel environmentally sound in this hat, as it's made with naturally harvested, 100% organic raffia straw from Madagascar. There's certainly no better summer sun hat than the crushable Lifeguard, a hand-crocheted raffia hat with generous five inch brim. Made from 100% organic raffia, it's lightweight yet durable and can take packing as well as hard wear. Another big brim summertime hat is a Panama hat called (what else?) The Big Brim Gambler. Made from Grade 3 Panama straw, it's got a 3 3/4 inch brim, nicely trimmed with a 12 ligne grosgrain band. Customer reviews for this hat read:

  • Great Panama hat for the money and has the classic style that I was looking for.
  • I'm extremely pleased. The quality of the hat exceeded all expectations.
  • I'll leave you to your men's hat collecting, then. You, your head and your hat rack are in good hat hands with Scala.
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