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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Scala Men's F/W

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Scala Wool Felt Pork Pie Hat - The Jazz - image

The Jazz

Scala Wool Felt Snap Brim - The New Yorker - image

The New Yorker

Scala Cashmere Watch Cap - The Kashmir - image

$95.00   $66.50

Scala Wool Felt Top Hat - The English Topper - image

Scala English Topper

Scala Wool Felt Top Hat - The Mad Hatter - image

The Mad Hatter

Scala Derby - The Wool Felt Derby - image

Scala Derby

Scala Homburg - The Wool Felt Homburg - image

Scala Homburg

Your Scala hat collection for the Fall/Winter season -- quite different of course from your assortment of Spring/Summer hats from Scala -- could well start with a wool felt hat known as The New Yorker. This is a perennial favorite and a Scala best seller. Slightly edgy, the snap brim has a bound edge and ribbon trim with feather accent. Customers really love this hat, leaving five-star reviews that read:

  • I love the New Yorker. It's a satin lined hat, well made and looks sharp. This is a hat you can wear dressed up or casual. A throwback, yes, but hats for men are making a comeback and the fedora is a classic that never goes out of style. My lady loves it.
  • This hat is amazing. It is definitely one of the best hats you can get for the price they are offering. I recommend the color black because it is more versatile.
  • Beautiful hat. Without the feather it looks a lot like the Indy hat as I chose brown. I truly could not be more delighted: obvious quality and great looks. And affordable!
  • I bought a New Yorker fedora in Grey. I liked it so much I bought another in black. Nice style; good sizing.
  • I had this hat in Black and Grey and got it in Brown to go with everything else. Great hat; looks good.
  • I bought this for a reenactment event and was very pleased with how the hat fit and looked.
  • If you've been searching for a pork pie hat, The Jazz might be just the ticket. This wool felt hat has a stingy brim with bound edge and a double bow grosgrain ribbon trim. It's fully lined in satin and fitted with a leather sweatband. One customer who bought this hat gave it five stars with this review:
    I've wanted a pork pie for many years and finally decided to treat myself to a nice one. But, which one? Saw a black version of the Jazz briefly in a shop awhile back, but saw that it was the wrong size and didn't give it a long look. After much online research that kept coming back to this hat, I chose the Scala Jazz and absolutely love it. Scala makes great hats that are reasonably priced. Plus it's cool and starts a lot of conversations. Buy one now!

    You wouldn't think a watch cap would make waves, but when it's a sumptuous cap in 100% cashmere (which comes from the fine soft wool of the Cashmere goat and the wild goat of Tibet), the result is thick and plush and unbelievably soft. It's also only available here at Hartford York, and nowhere else. A delighted customer says: "This is one of the softest and warmest hats I have ever owned. It was a Christmas gift and I truly love it."

    When you are in need of some classic or very traditional hats, Scala is the hatter with top hats, a derby and a homburg. The hats are crafted from wool felt and reasonably priced, so even if it's a one-time gala occasion, you won't break the bank. The Scala derby features a two inch bound edge and 12 ligne grosgrain trim, as does the homburg, and both silk-lined hats are available in a choice of several colors.

    The English Topper and The Mad Hatter are the top hats you can choose between, with the latter available in Grey as well as Black. A customer who bought The Mad Hatter says he highly recommends it, and left a five star review that reads:
    Very well made hat. Wore this to a friend's wedding and got many compliments. Top is flat and has a nice overall feel to it. 5 out of 5. Highly recommended. And this is coming from someone who was shopping for a top hat for more than 6 tend to learn a lot when you look around, but look no further because this is the best I could find that wasn't over $350.

    We don't make this stuff up. Order your own Scala hat today!