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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
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Pork pie hats are for men of style who revel in something just a little different. Take a look at The Memphis, a Biltmore pork pie hat. Made from milan braid hemp with a slim two inch brim, nicely balanced by its wide ribbon trim, the perfect-for-springtime color is the kicker on this hat. Have a little patience. Biltmore makes this in Texas and will ship directly from there to your home. Same goes for another Biltmore pork pie hat, The Dijon. This [more]

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Products per Page
The Biltmore Dijon Hemp Porkpie - image

The Biltmore Dijon...

The Biltmore Memphis Hemp Porkpie - image

The Biltmore Memphis...

The Biltmore Montego Panama Porkpie - image

The Biltmore Montego...

Men's Biltmore Panama Hat - The Montecristi Pork Pie - image

The Biltmore...

Santana Pork Pie - The Healer - image

Santana Healer

Christys' Boater Hat - The Venetian Skimmer - image

The Christys' Venetian

Mens Panama Porkpie - The Panama Pinch Porkpie 2 - image


Makins Panama Pork Pie - The  Bahama - image

The Makins Bahama

Borsalino Pork Pie Hat - The Rossellino - image

Borsalino Rossellino...

Kangol Porkpie - The Striped Braid Porkpie - image

Kangol Braid Porkpie

Anthony Peto Leather Pork Pie - The Jelly Bone - image

Peto Jellybone...

Makins Fur Felt Pork Pie - The Black Pinchfront - image

Makins Pork Pie

Makins Fur Felt Pork Pie - The Dark Brown Pinchfront - image

Makins Pork Pie

Eugenia Kim Fur Felt Hat - The Velour Tony Pork Pie - image

Eugenia Kim Velour...
$295.00   $162.25

Eugenia Kim Salome Pork Pie Hat - The Tony - image

Eugenia Kim Salome...
$295.00   $162.25

Kangol Wool Hat - The Crushable Pork Pie - image

Kangol Pork Pie

Stetson Fur Felt Pork Pie Hat - The Darwin - image

Stetson Darwin

Hartford York Pork Pie Hat - The Pork Pie - image

HY Pork Pie Hat

Stacy Adams  Wool Felt Pork Pie Hat - The Rocker - image

The Rocker

Scala Wool Felt Pork Pie Hat - The Jazz - image

The Jazz

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hemp hat (for a cool cat) has a stingy brim silhouette with a 1 1/2 inch brim, and the striped trim with bow and badge adds great style and attitude.

White-on-white is a great warm weather look, and Borsalino brings it to you in the form of a pork pie hat called The Rossellino. It's made in Italy from a stunningly light parasisal and its upturned brim brings the elegant dress hat just a hint of sass. If it's a traditional bleached Panama pork pie hat with black ribbon trim you seek, we have two from Bilmore: The Montego and The Montecristi. In both hats, the quality is unsurpassed (as always with a Biltmore hat) and they are blocked to perfection. One satisfied customer, who left a five-star review for The Biltmore Montecristi, says: "I spend time in southeast Asia and have to wear hats. Panama hats are great but you need one of high quality because of all the heat and humidity. This one rocks!"

You don't get much more traditional than with the unmistakable silhouette of a boater hat. Christys' London brings a skimmer and makes it unique -- it's crafted from hemp, so the hat is soft and pliable, and it's in brown with a striped ribbon trim that includes a band of green for a little pop. Expect compliments. Another outstanding pork pie hat comes from the Santana by Carlos Santana line. Called The Healer, the hat is a boldly woven shantung with striking embroidered grosgrain trim. As one satisfied customer said, it's a "classic rule breaker. Such a cool design with unexpected anti-conformist flare." Expect more compliments!
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