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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Panama Hats

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The Panama hats for men in the Spring/Summer 2015 collection are pretty spectacular, and include such magnificent specimens as The Tesa Piccola, a hand woven Fino Panama fedora from Borsalino of Italy. Blocked to perfection with a two inch snap brim, it is trimmed with a tan grosgrain ribbon band and bow featuring the Borsalino monogram and finished with a comfortable fabric sweatband. There's the impressive Corazon too, a limited edition Panama hat from the

Santana by Carlos Santana line. It's a replica of the hat that Carlos wears, with a downturn pinch front and Chakra heart stone pin and stones band.

New from Kaminski XY, you'll find The Tane, a classic Panama fedora with a 2 3/4 inch wide brim, grosgrain band trim and adjustable cotton sweatband. Also new this season is a One Size Fits Most Panama hat from Tommy Bahama with a handsome two tone trim and TB sailfish pin. The sweatband is elasticized for added comfort, and this hat is made in the USA. There's an Outback Panama hat from Tommy Bahama too, with a generous three inch brim and leather trim.

Stetson is celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year and has come out with a line of 150th Anniversary hats including a dress hat called The Benchmark. This is a Grade 20 Panama fedora with a teardrop crown, available in your choice of Bleached White or Natural. Made in Texas, the hat is finished with a leather sweatband embossed with "150th Anniversary," and makes a wonderful keepsake. There's also The Aviator to consider, a Panama hat by Stetson with a vented crown and available in your choice of three colors, as well as The Forty Eight, a new Grade 8 Panama fedora from Stetson with a slim ribbon trim.

Panama hats by Bailey are a reason to celebrate, and The Chaplin is just one example. A bowler hat, it has a bound brim that matches the ribbon trim, and is offered in your choice of Sienna or Media Bleach. There's The Thurman too, designed to delight. This center dent Panama fedora has a snap brim with ribbon trim and is also available in the color Sienna or in Natural. Offered in lots of colors, there's a stingy brim Panama hat with a teardrop crown, and it's called The Sydney. Better act fast on this one -- it's proving a big hit of the season.

Scala's got a number of men's Panama hats perfect for your summer hat rack. These include The Playa Del Sol, a fine Scala Grade 8 Panama fedora with a Teflon coated brim; the Monte Casino, a Grade 8 Panama fedora from Scala with a narrow, upturned brim; the Aussie Outback, a Panama outback-style fedora with a crown vented for comfort; and The Safari, a Scala Panama hat with unique leather trim and covered crown tip sticker.

Back by demand, you'll see Christys' Foldaway Panama. This Panama hat (which, by the way, is made in the USA) has a generous, sun-shielding brim that measures three inches, and is finished with a grosgrain ribbon, pin and leather tie. You can roll this hat up for easy travel and storage, and it looks great when you put it back on! Of course, Brent Black offers absolutely outstanding hand-blocked Panama dress hats such as The Aficionado, about which one satisfied customer says: "Great design and look! Brent and Trent hit a homer with this one." There's a Montecristi classic fedora too (aptly named The Classic) with a teardrop island in the crown of the hat and straw so finely woven it feels like linen. One customer review for The Classic reads: "The Montecristi Classic, while a high-end hat, is a lifetime hat. It is light, looks good, and wears like iron. Highly recommend this hat if you want a casual or dress hat for most climates."

Biltmore too has a couple of back-by-demand Panama hats this season too, with The Montreal and The Supreme, both made from Imperial Grade Panama straw and finished with a handsome ribbon trim. These dress hats are made in and will be shipped to you directly from Texas, so you'll have to allow a few extra days before you get to wear your hat. It'll be worth the wait -- here's what one customer said about his Bilmotre hat: "This hat is great. Very well constructed and sized right. Wonderful to keep my pate protected on hot, sunny summer days."