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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Panama Hats

The Panama hats for men in the Spring/Summer 2014 collection are pretty spectacular, and if you take a look at one like Borsalino's new Panama fedora with fantasy band, I think you'll agree. The weave on this hat is simply impeccable, the trim with bow is handsome and a bit different from the norm, and the inset grosgrain sweatband gives an added level of comfort on the head. Very high end Panama hats are those from [more]

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The Biltmore Supreme Panama - image

The Biltmore Supreme...

Brent Black Montecristi Panama Hat - The Aficionado - image


The Biltmore Montreal Panama - image

The Biltmore Montreal...

Brent Black Montecristi Fedora - The Classic - image


The Biltmore Havana Panama - image

The Biltmore Havana...

The Christys' Foldaway Panama - image

The Christys'...
$225.00   $123.75

The Biltmore Casa Blanca Panama - image

The Biltmore Casa...

Santana Pinch Front Panama - The Sentient - image

Santana Sentient

The Biltmore Montego Panama Porkpie - image

The Biltmore Montego...

Santana Panama Fedora - The Fenix - image

Santana Fenix

Stetson Panama - The Brewster - image

Stetson Panama Brewster

Men's Panama Hat - The Scala Cubano - image

The Cubano

Scala Panama - The Vented Panama - image

The Scala Vented Panama

Men's Scala Panama Hat - The Jamaican - image


Men's Scala Straw Hat - The Big Brim Gambler - image


Men's Scala Grade 3 Panama Hat - The Saratoga - image


Santana Panama Fedora - The Santana Special - image

Santana Special

Carlos Santana Men's Panama Hat - The Sacred Fire Fedora - image

Carlos Santana...

Borsalino Montecristi Fedora - The Vented Montecristi - image

Vented Montecristi
$1295.00   $712.25

Men's Borsalino Handwoven Straw Panama Hat - The Panama Fino - image


Montecristi, the best of which are offered by Brent Black and Borsalino. A customer who bought The Classic, a Montecristi Panama fedora from Brent Black says "The Montecristi Classic, while a high-end hat, is a lifetime hat. It is light, looks good, and wears like iron. Highly recommend this hat if you want a casual or dress hat for most climates." Another customer cites the designers when extolling the virtues of the hand-blocked Aficionado by Brent Black, saying: "Great design and look! Brent and Trent hit a homer with this one."

An exceptional Montecristi Panama hat from Borsalino (and offered exclusively by Hartford York) is The Vented Montecristi. Hand woven by artisans in Ecuador, the weave pattern on each hat is unique, making these hats one of a kind. Satisfied customers speak of the hat's style, high quality craftsmanship and incredibly comfortable wear in their reviews.

Casual Panama hats are good to have on hand for warm weather wear, and Scala's Genuine Panama Fedora is just such a hat with a cool, open weave construction and contrast ribbon trim. If you're looking for some shade, you might want to see The Big Brim Gambler. Another Scala summer hat, it's from Grade 3 Panama and has a wide 3 3/4 inch brim. Customers love this hat, with reviews that read:

  • Great Panama hat for the money and has the classic style that I was looking for.
  • I'm extremely pleased! The quality of the hat exceeded all expectations.
  • From the Santana by Carlos Santana collection this year, The Fenix is a new Panama fedora offered in your choice of Black or Brown plaids, and trimmed with a ribbon and hand-painted feather. Also new is a hat called The Sentient, a pinch front Panama fedora from Santana. It's got a traditional look, trimmed with ribbon band and bow, with unique details like the contrast stitching on the brim, the Abraxas Angel pin, and a satin sweatband in a bright print. We've also brought back The Santana Panama Special about which satisfied customers say "This hat is awesome. Great fit, great look." It really is a great Panama hat with its finely woven and vented body, bound edge and lion head pin on the leather and ribbon trim. Plus it's exclusive to Hartford York. And you.
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