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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Nathaniel Cole

Men's leather hats from Nathaniel Cole are unmistakeable. Whether an aviator hat or a cadet cap, you've got great vintage style in durable leather, some of the men's caps also warmly lined with for added weather protection and comfortable wear. The Vintage Leather Aviator, for instance, gets its sleek aviator hat look not just from its pure design, but also from the distressed leather used to craft it, the simple chin strap and faux sherpa trim. It's made to be worn with the earflaps down. Although The Vintage Cap also is [more]

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Crown Cap Aviator - The Vintage Leather Aviator - image

$75.00   $48.75

Nathaniel Cole Leather Cap - The Vintage Ball Cap - image

$95.00   $61.75

Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Aviator - The Vintage Leather Aviator W/Sheared Rabbit - image

Vintage Aviator
$150.00   $97.50

designed with its earlaps down, the look is very different from an aviator cap because of its ball cap style brim. Two snaps fasten this men's leather cap securely under your chin, keeping cold weather at bay.

If it's a cadet cap you're looking for to wear this fall, The Vintage Leather Cadet from Nathaniel Cole may be just the ticket. It's an easy one size fits most men's cap with an adjustable back strap. Lined in cotton, the cadet cap (as its name suggests) is crafted from a distressed leather and has a neat pin placed to one side above the brim.

The warmest winter hat offered by Nathaniel Cole, hands down, is the aviator lined with sheared rabbit fur. Although it's again in the classic aviator style, worn with earflaps down and secured with a strap under the chin, The Vintage Leather Aviator W/Sheared Rabbit also offers a more luxe look because of the fur. Snoopy never had it so good.
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