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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Nat Nast Hats

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Nat Nast men's hats for Fall/Winter 2012 go with anything you'd like to pair these stingy brim toppers with, including Nat Nast shirts and apparel for men, and at prices that are really too good to be true. The Stitched Brim Trilby, for example, is a stingy brim fedora crafted from 100% wool felt, with its contrast stitched brim nicely bound in a matching contrast edge, the color picked up again in the gros grain band with bow. Added touches include the handsome logo embroidered on the bow with signature stick pin. Inside the hat you'll find a faux leather sweatband and satin lining. Talk about a big bang for your buck!

Another outstanding men's hat from Nat Nast is the one they call The Fancy Band Trilby. Like The Stitched Brim, it's a wool felt fedora with a 1 1/2 inch stingy brim. The edge of the brim is bound and the trim is a fancy gros grain ribbon with feather. It's a good-looking hat made for stylish gents who like comfortable, fashionable hats.

Exclusive to Hartford York is The Two-Tone Trilby from Nat Nast. Made from wool felt, and featuring a stingy brim with bound edge, this trilby is unique in that the crown color is different than the brim color. You'll have to choose between the black crown with brown brim version and its opposite, or simply take advantage of the great price of this hat and order both.