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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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All of the men's dress fedoras from Mr. Green Hats are blocked by hand in Lawrence Green's Los Angeles workship. One at a time. I kid you not. Yes, even the stingy brim Mr. Green Fred, an olive green pinch front fedora with a fine sueded fur felt finish and [more]
Mr. Green Hats

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Mr. Green Fur Felt Hat -  The Mr. Green Frank - image

The Mr. Green Frank
$250.00   $125.00

contrasting grosgrain bound edge and trim. And Mr. Green works the same personal magic on The Frank, a fur felt snap brim. In fact, he's gone and gussied up this dress hat with a contrasting grosgrain bound edge, and trimmed it with a variegated grey/brown ribbon. Talk about nice! In addition to the fur felt hats, we've got some of Mr. Green's lighter weight fedoras for your year round delight. These men's hats, all unique, light, and made to fit, are crafted from Panama straw, sisal and even "paglina", a braided raffia, which is dyed and then sewn together. The end result? Fabulous straw-like men's dress hats, including The Donovan in moss and black with folded silk trim, worn by the likes of comedian Damon Wayans (and me). You'll find that many of the fedoras, like the variegated tone-on-tone Frank, are trimmed with vintage, limited-edition 1940's tie fabrics. In fact, you'll see that there's a variation on a theme with the Frank hats: The Seafoam Frank offers a fedora in a fabulous fresh color, centered by a contrast bound edge. For the timid but cool hat wearer, there is a slightly more conservative look offered with The David, a black and white fedora with charcoal trim and a pork pie style crown as well as The Kent Fedora in brown, with just a splash of wild in the mint silk hat band. If you've got an excellent eye for men's hat fashion flare and ageless style, go Green!
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