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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Miele Legendary Western

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Miele Western Shirt - The Arrowhead - image

$250.00   $112.50

Miele Western Shirt - The Lucky Shoes - image

$250.00   $112.50

Miele Legendary Western is a label from vintage western wear designer Margaret Miele, who worked with the legendary H Bar C California Ranchwear company. Known for dressing luminary cowboy and western stars such as Gene Autry, John Wayne and Roy Rogers, and working with the famous rodeo tailor, Nudie Cohn, Margaret Miele and Frank (Guido) Miele joined the riding clothes company in the 1940s, and did much of the embroidery work.

The designs of these western shirts have become collector's items and represent the original vision of the popular Western wear market in America. From this legacy, Hartford York is proud to offer two men's western shirts: The Arrowhead and The Lucky Shoes.

Both long sleeve shirts were produced in the Nudie workshop in the 1960's by Margaret Miele and are a rare find. Features include pearl snaps, shotgun cuffs, and piped smiley pockets as well as piped yoke front and back. The embroidery and applique work on the shirts is truly outstanding, as you would of course expect from a ranchwear designer of this caliber.