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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Straw Hats, Men's

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Of the men's straw hats you see here at, which straw hat should you buy? You've considered the collection of Men's Casual Straw Hats and Straw Dress Hats. You've carefully perused Makins Men's Special Order Hats, Panama Hats and even Straw Women's Hats ('cuz you never know). Now

it's time to dive into men's straw hats (and raffia hats too, like Borsalino's fab summer hat woven from raffia straw, The Raffia Fedora, with an edging that justs hints at two-tone) and see what grabs you.

You'll be choosing from the best spring and summer straw hat styles possible, of course, from another popular Borsalino dress hat called The Openwork Ramie and the dress-to-impress Brent Black hand-woven Panama hat, The Montecristi Classic, plus from the fabulous series of men's Panama hats from Christys' and Scala, in silhouettes that encompass fedoras and even cowboy hats like The Saratoga, made of genuine Grade 3 Panama straw woven in the tradition of the Montecristi.

If you're searching for a wide brim handwoven Panama hat, we've got it in the stunning Montecristi Aficionado. Let me (gently) toss another hat your way for careful consideration too--The Optimo, a Panama hat for men from none other than The Panama Hat Company. This hat's woven in Ecuador, where they call it 'the Natural'. Next and unique in the realms of Panama fedoras is The Vented Montecristi issued by Borsalino in extremely limited edition. The hand worked men's hat takes skilled artisans several hundred hours to complete as reflected not only by the price tag but also by the high-end look and feel of the finished product.

A hat that's hard to resist and thus brought back this season by demand is from Makins of NYC, and it's called The Panama Pinch Front Pork Pie II. It's one of their all-time best selling men's hats, and when you see it, you'll appreciate why. Once you've chosen your straw hat du jour, let me know, and I'll get it off to you straight away.