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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
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The men's hats collection for Spring/Summer 2014 is the best yet! With handmade fedoras like The Vintage Black by SuperDuper of Italy and Montecristi Panama hats from Brent Black and Borsalino, I think you'll agree. Every style of hat is represented too, like the new safari hat in paper straw from Anthony Peto of Paris, a shade-maker men's straw hat called The Foldaway Panama from Christys' (with a [more]

Men's Hats

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Super Duper Fedora - The Black Parabuntal Fedora - image

Super Duper Vintage...

Tracy Watts Toyo Fedora - The Vinnie - image

Tracy Watts Fedora

Biltmore Panama Fedora - The Vegas - image

Biltmore Vegas

Brent Black Montecristi Panama Hat - The Aficionado - image


Anthony Peto Straw Fedora - The Peto Outback - image

Peto Safari
$195.00   $97.50

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Buri Braid Fedora - image

TB Buri Braid Fedora

Super Duper Fedora - The Natural - image

Vintage Paper Braid...

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Toyo Fedora - image

TB Toyo Crochet Fedora

Santana Pinch Front Shantung - The Borealis - image

Santana Borealis

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Vented Toyo Fedora - image

TB Vented Toyo

Christys' Coconut Braid Fedora - image

Christys' Coconut...

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Balibuntal Fedora - image

TB Balibuntal Fedora

The Christys' Bao Fedora - image

The Christys' Bao Fedora

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Toyo Stingy Brim - image

TB Toyo W Faux/Leather

Santana Pinch Front Shantung - The Angel - image

Santana Angel

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Paper Braid Fedora - image

TB Paper Braid Fedora

The Christys' Toyo Stingy Brim - image

The Christys' Toyo...

Santana Pinch Front Shantung - The Bora - image

Santana Bora

The Christys' Foldaway Panama - image

The Christys'...

The Biltmore Dijon Hemp Porkpie - image

The Biltmore Dijon...

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broad three-inch brim) and a walking hat in buri braid, trimmed with a jute band and marlin pin, courtesy of Tommy Bahama.

Hat style isn't the only variable in men's hats. Colors and patterns range from the traditional bleached straw Panama hats with black ribbon bands (as with Biltmore's Supreme, a classic Panama fedora) to a color called Cloud as seen with The Arkin, a Bailey hat in shantung litestraw.

You can always depend on Santana by Carlos Santana for color, and The Lotus is a prime example. This pinch front shantung fedora is offered in a color called Pistachio, and it's perfect for the season. Another vibrant Santana hat is The Fenix, a Panama fedora in your choice of Black or Brown plaids, with a colorful, hand-painted feather on the trim. The Lombardo is a hat we've brought back this year because it's so popular. A Borsalino fedora (and Hartford York exclusive), the lightweight parasisal men's hat is in Turquoise Blue with a Pumpkin trim. Not for the faint of heart!

Pork pies are always popular men's hats and we've got a new pork pie for your consideration this year called The Memphis. It's a Biltmore hat, made in Texas, and crafted from Milan braid hemp with a wide ribbon trim. Very handsome, as is another Biltmore pork pie, The Dijon, this hemp hat with a stingier brim at 1 1/2 inches and featuring a contrast fancy trim. Biltmore's Montego is a genuine Panama pork pie hat with a cotton sweatband for added comfort when the days are hot and the nights even hotter.

If I had to choose new favorite men's hats for my summer hat rack, I'd take a good look at The Longow, a snappy little braid fedora with teardrop crown from Bailey of Hollywood. The brim is very stingy at 1 5/8 inches and you can wear it up or wear it down. There's The Vinnie, a back-by-demand hand-blocked toyo straw fedora from designer Tracy Watts of NYC. The bound edge brim matches the contrast grosgrain ribbon trim, and other great details on this unlined hat include a decorative button tether and fabric sweatband.

From Santana, there's a hat called The Angel in shantung. It too has a bound brim and is trimmed with a fancy ribbon, bow and Abraxas Angel pin. I'm definitely betting on Borsalino's linen and silk blend stingy brim trilby to be in the running for top new hat. It's got a cool mesh lining and grosgrain sweatband, but it's the springtime pattern on this stingy brim walking hat really makes it sing.
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