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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Men's Hats Spring/Summer

The men's hats for Spring/Summer 2015 are better than ever and include a special line of fedoras from Stetson to celebrate its 150th Anniversary this year. One is called The Benchmark, and it's a Grade 20 Panama fedora with a teardrop crown, available in your choice of Bleached White or Natural. Made in Texas, the hat is finished with a leather sweatband embossed with "150th Anniversary," and makes a wonderful keepsake. There's also The Kelvin to [more]

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Santana Panama Fedora - The Limited Edition Corazon - image

Santana Corazon Ltd....

Stetson Panama Fedora - 150th Anniversary Benchmar - image

Stetson 150th...

Stetson Milan Braid Fedora - The 150th Anniversary - image

The Stetson 150th...

Stetson Panama Fedora - 150th Anniversary Aviator - image

Stetson 150th...

Borsalino Fina Panama - The Tesa Piccola - image

The Borsalino Fina...

Bailey Panama Bowler - The Chaplin - image

Bailey Panama...

Tommy Bahama Raffia Fedora - image

TB Raffia Fedora

Kaminski Xy Fedora - The Raffia Tampolo - image

The Kaminski XY...

Scala Panama - The Safari - image

The Scala Panama Safari

Robert Graham Paper Braid Fedora - The Playavista - image

The Robert Graham...

Stetson Panama Fedora - The Forty Eight - image

The Stetson Forty Eight

Bailey Panama Fedora - The Sydney - image

The Bailey Sydney

Bailey Shantung Fedora - The Crother - image

The Bailey Crother

Bailey Shantung Fedora - The Loche - image

The Bailey Loche

Bailey Shantung Fedora - The Blackburn - image

The Bailey Blackburn

Bailey Braid Fedora - The Mannesroe - image

The Bailey Mannesroe

Bailey Braid Fedora - The Mannes - image

The Bailey Mannes

Borsalino Hemp Braid Fedora - Maglina Canapa - image

Borsalino Maglina Canapa

Kangol Trilby - The Needles Hiro - image

Kangol Needles Hiro...

Kangol Player - The Spine Stripe Trilby - image

Kangol Spine Stripe...

Kangol Trilby - The Union Spey - image

The Kangol Union Spey...

Santana Panama Fedora - The Chinmoy - image

Santana Chinmoy...

Santana Panama Hat - The Zion Pork Pie - image

Santana Zion Panama...

Santana Panama Fedora - The Babylon - image

Santana Panama...

consider, a two tone milan braid fedora with a stingy 1 3/4 inch brim, in addition to The Aviator, a Panama hat by Stetson with a vented crown and available in your choice of three colors.

You'll find a number of new men's hats from Bailey of Hollywood too, like: The Thurman, a Panama fedora with a snap brim and center dent crown; The Sydney, a teardrop crown Panama hat with a stingy brim; and The Crother, a Shantung Lite Straw fedora with center dent crown two inch snap brim and ribbon trim. New fedoras from Borsalino include The Tesa Piccola, a hand woven Fino Panama hat with a snap brim, blocked to perfection by the master hatters in Italy. Finished with a tan grosgrain band and bow featuring the Borsalino monogram, it is fitted with a soft grosgrain sweatband for wearer comfort. Another is The Maglina Canapa, a hemp braid fedora from Borsalino that is soft, pliable and comfortable. The stingy brim can be worn up or down, and the hat is offered in your choice of Navy, Brown or Tan, with a tonal grosgrain ribbon trim.

Some of the dress hats for men this season are from SuperDuper, including a new fedora called The Parabuntal Grey. Crafted in Italy from decades-old woven parabuntal fiber by Pitti Uomo award winning designer Matteo Gioli, it's one of the lightest, and finest, fedoras you will ever experience and sports a handsome dark grey band set on grosgrain trim. This is in addition to the other SuperDuper fedoras brought back this season, one The Parabuntal Black, and the paper braid dress hat, both made by hand, one at a time, and are offered exclusively by Hartford York. You will not be disappointed.

For a fine Panama hat from Tommy Bahama, you're in luck! Made in the USA, the fedora has a two tone grosgrain trim with TB marlin pin and elasticized sweatband for comfort. Another Panama hat, also new this season to Hartford York, is the The Tane, a men's hat from Kaminski XY. This classic Panama fedora an Italian grosgrain band and is fitted with a lightweight and adjustable sweatband in 100% cotton.

Back by demand, you'll see one of our more popular hats for men called The Vinnie. A Hartford York exclusive from designer Tracy Watts of New York, this toyo straw hat is in a hand blocked 1x1 weave with contrast grosgrain trim, bound brim and button tether. One satisfied customer who bought this hat to wear at a Los Angeles Live Steamers train meet, left a five-star review, saying: "I ordered mine in natural/navy and I couldn't be happier with this color combination. The brim's bound edge was more of a royal blue, and I love how it works with the navy ribbon band." There's also a Christys' hat to consider. Called The Foldaway Panama, it's a straw hat made in the USA) with a generous, sun-shielding brim that measures three inches, and is finished with a grosgrain ribbon, pin and leather tie. You can roll this hat up for easy travel and storage, and it looks great when you put it back on!

Scala's got a couple of great men's hats to check out as well: The Diamond Head and The Carson. The Diamond Head is a great summer hat in 100% brushed cotton with a sun-shielding three-inch brim. The crown has mesh sides to catch every hint of a cooling breeze, and the leather chin cord helps it all stay put. The Carson is a safari hat with a smaller brim, but also made of garment-washed cotton and features mesh sides to circulate the air effectively. Both hats are packable and crushable for convenience when traveling.

For something a little different, turn to Robert Graham Hats. There's a stingy brim cotton walking hat called The Shoreline that features embroidered surfers on a paisley jacquard body. Trimmed with a vivid grosgrain band and embroidered RG crest, it's finished with a colorful cotton and satin sweatband and silk lining, and is perfect for the season.
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