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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Men's Accessories

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Men accessorize; they just don't happen to call their belts, winter gloves, pocket knives and canes accessories. It may seem simplistic, but in a man's world, men's fragrance is called aftershave or maybe cologne (certainly not eau de toilette!); canes are sticks; and men's socks are never called hosiery. We don't have special words for briefcases, reading glasses or belts, but pocket knives are sometimes pen knives and mittens are always mitts.

Wool scarves aren't called anything usually (retrieved with a point and mumble), but leather organizers are loudly proclaimed as that, as in "Gabnamit, where's my calendar thingie gone? Ya know, the antique brown lambskin one from Scully. The leather wachamacallit with an inside organizer, gusseted file section and open end zipper pockets. It's got an 18 month planner with writing pad, 5 division side tabs and an authentic Scully pen, gabnamit!"

We men are of course nearly aware enough to appreciate the impeccable workmanship and artistry evident in the pocket knives of Sam Mcdowell (like his Chesapeake knife and self-named wine opener, The Sam Mcdowell Scrimshaw Pocket Corkscrew) and also in the walking sticks of Boris Palatnik, such as his Palatnik Cougar With Gold. Such appreciation extends to The Squadron Duffel Bag from Scully Leather, a very handsome lambskin carry-on bag, with enough compartments and sections to fit The Coupe-Coupe Cigar Cutter from Forge de Laguiole in France and the very necessary pair of chrome RAF Goggles, without which today's man of adventure is sadly incomplete.

Real men accessorize. (We just don't know how to say it).