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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

McDowell Knives

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Mcdowell Scrimshaw Pocket Knife - The Mcdowell Seacloud - image


Pocket knives and corkscrews from Sam McDowell, America's premiere scrimshaw artist, are avidly collected worldwide and his work, as carved on The McDowell Rigger Pocket Knife, called air winds and following seas, is exhibited around the globe. Owing a McDowell pocket knife such as The Queen Bee, a lady's blade means the possession of a bit of American folk art: that of bone carving. Instead of using human bones or even whale teeth, though, Sam McDowell hand carves his knife handles (and the handle on his McDowell Wine Opener) of camel bone and micarta.

He bases his handle sculptures on original sketches which usually have something to do with the seashore (see the incredible McDowell Chesapeake Pocket Knife and the Classic Fly & Fish Pocket Knife for examples) and with the people who use the sea for their livelihood, a tribute to the 200 year old art form started by Yankee whalers. A true masterpiece in the genre is his McDowell Seacloud Pocket Knife, which features a scrimshaw replica of the famous ship, The Seacloud, built in 1931.

Pocket knives from Sam McDowell. Sharp art in your pocket.