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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
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Makins 65% Off - XL

Extra large hats from Makins at 65% off? Yes, you read that right. For more than 35 years, Makins has been making hats in NYC and handblocking them, one at a time, the old-fashioned way using live steam and wooden blocks. At the Hartford York Outlet, you can stock up on these great hats and enjoy incredible savings of 65 percent off the usual price. You'll find men's fedoras in fur felt for Fall/Winter wear as well as stingy brim hats in straw for Spring/Summer. With a sale like this, you'll understand that it's an exchange-only, no refund event subject to stock on hand. For best selection of Makins XL hats at a 65% savings, order today!

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Products per Page
Makins Mens Hat- One Of A Kind - image

Men's Special Order...
$125.00   $43.75

Makins Mens Hat- One Of A Kind - image

Makins Special Order
$315.00   $110.25

Men's Makins Hat - The Two Tone Wool Felt Fedora - image

The Two Tone Wool...
$195.00   $68.25

Makins Fedora - The Ithaca - image

Makins Ithaca
$250.00   $87.50

Makins Fedora - The Buffalo - image

Makins Buffalo
$295.00   $103.25

Makins Porkpie - The Monk - image

The Makins Monk
$350.00   $122.50

Makins Fedora - The Waldorf - image

Makins Waldorf
$235.00   $82.25

Makins Fur Felt Fedora - The Columbus Circle - image

Makins Velour Fedora
$235.00   $82.25

The Makins Leather Sewn Strips Porkpie - image

The Leather Sewn...
$285.00   $99.75

Men's Makins Straw Hat- One Of A Kind - image

Men's Makins Straw Hat
$205.00   $71.75

Makins Velour Fedora - The Union Square - image

Makins Dot Band
$235.00   $82.25

Makins Ivy Cap - The San Clemente - image

Makins Ivy Cap
$150.00   $52.50

 - image

$150.00   $52.50

Makins Ivy Cap - The San Luis - image

Makins Ivy Cap
$150.00   $52.50

 - image

$150.00   $52.50

Makins Mens Hat - One Of A Kind - image

Makins Mens Hat
$325.00   $113.75

Makins Ambassador Cap - The Broadway - image

Makins Cap
$225.00   $112.50

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