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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Makins Caps

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Men's caps from Makins, like their hats, are something marvelous to behold. The York Street, an ivy cap in a blend of wool and silk Italian fabric, is one such cap. It's a full-fitting, classic driver's style cap with stitched down brim and has been designed exclusively for Hartford York, for you. Although not technically a cap, The Amsterdam Avenue is made from the same fabric as The York Street and is thus comfortable to a fault. Call it what you will, the trilby is a Makins topper that's sure to please.

Cotton and linen ivy caps and driver caps abound at Makins throughout the year, including such specimens as The San Clemente Driver in plaid, perfect for sunny days and The Santa Barbara, a men's cap that's lightweight and hand made in NYC.

Many of these caps for men, because they are all made by hand, are special order items, which means there's a 2-3 delivery period you need to factor in. Some men find waiting this long for their Makins newsboy or ivy cap awfully difficult, and I usually recommend printing out an image of the special order cap to gaze at wistfully through the days of longing. Framing the picture is optional, but when the ordeal is over and you've got that linen newsboy cap or ivy placed firmly on your head, you'll be a stronger and even better-looking man than you are today.