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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Live your life in style with the men's hats, apparel and accessories seen here in the Hartford York Spring/Summer 2014 Lifestyle Collection. Whether it's a classic Brent Black Panama hat or a limited edition (and exclusive) parabuntal fedora from SuperDuper of Italy that you pair with your new Robert Graham dress shirt, you're sure to give the models in our Spring/Summer photo shoot a run for their money! Tommy Bahama offers both hats and [more]

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The Bailey Fermin - image

The Bailey Fermin
$85.00   $55.25

The Bailey Arkin - image

The Bailey Arkin
$125.00   $81.25

Bailey Shantung Fedora - The Guthrie - image

The Bailey Guthrie

Nat Nast Long Sleeve Linen Shirt - The Oslo - image

The Nat Nast Oslo

Santana Panama Fedora - The Fenix - image

Santana Fenix

Men's Raffia Gambler - The Mojave Organic Raffia Gambler - image

The Mojave Raffia...

Scala Safari Hat - The Matte Raffia Safari - image

Scala Matte Raffia...

Super Duper Fedora - The Black Parabuntal Fedora - image

Super Duper Vintage...

Tommy Bahama Pant - Beachy Breezer Pant - image

Beachy Breezer Pant
$110.00   $77.00

Men's Brand X Huarache Handmade Leather Sandals - The Ranchero - image

The Ranchero (Men's)

Tommy Bahama Shirt - The Riviera Breezer - image

TB Riviera Breezer
$118.00   $82.60

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Buri Braid Fedora - image

Tommy Bahama Buri Braid

Santana Pinch Front Shantung - The Borealis - image

Santana Borealis

Robert Graham Shirt - The Acquafin - image

Robert Graham Acquafin
$198.00   $128.70

Tracy Watts Toyo Fedora - The Vinnie - image

Tracy Watts Fedora

Robert Graham Shirt - The Coleman - image

Robert Graham Coleman
$198.00   $128.70

Borsalino Men's Fedora - The Raffia Fedora - image

Borsalino Raffia Fedora

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Toyo Pinch Front - image

Tommy Bahama Toyo Fedora

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Balibuntal Fedora - image

TB Balibuntal Fedora

Tommy Bahama Fedora - The Toyo Stingy Brim - image

TB Toyo W Faux/Leather

apparel, including linen shirts and pants, for relaxed warm weather wear, and you'll even find men's watches from the self-proclaimed Purveyors of the Island Lifestyle, designed with the tropics in mind.

In addition to exciting new designers like SuperDuper, we've got new products from brand names you are already know. Bailey of Hollywood is one that has new several fedoras this season, including The Fermin in litestraw with a deep dip crown and pre-snapped brim, and The Arkin, a light and comfortable hat in shantung litestraw, which is offered in a color called Cloud. Borsalino introduces a trilby and newsboy cap in a silk and linen blend, both featuring the same perfect-for-spring plaid, and both exclusive to Hartford York (and you).

We've got items on hand that are necessary to complete any warm weather wardrobe, including jeans and sun readers as well as huaraches from Brand X. These sandals are made by hand using vegetable-tanned leather, and are extremely comfortable as well as durable. One satisfied customer from Playa Del Rey says the sandal is the best he's ever owned, and his five-star review reads:
We used to make surf runs down to Baja and buy sandals and such near Ensenada. You would have to wear them a year and suffer too many blisters before they were broken in. Not the case here. These shoes fit like a soft glove from the moment you put them on. True to fit and the heel holds our foot in, but without abrasion. Great traction, faux tire tread sole too. I plan on getting another pair. Job well done. Surf's up!

Get the look and enhance your own Spring/Summer collection with a little something special from Carlos Santana or perhaps a Tracy Watts hat. You're living life in style and looking great doing it.
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