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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Laulhere Berets

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Laulhere Wool Beret - The Basque Beret - image

Basque Beret
$65.00   $39.00

Laulhere has been the symbol of the French beret since 1840, and its workshops remain in the foothills of the French Pyrenees to this day. The Made in France label means more to Laulhere than a simple statement of geography: it's their culture and heritage; and it goes hand in hand with their adherence to quality and the time-honored tradition of superb workmanship. One look at the iconic Basque Beret, and you'll see the attention to detail with touches like the leather sweatband and authentic Basque lining.

Customers who've purchased the Basque Beret agree, mentioning the high quality several times and saying things like:

  • This beret is very nicely crafted--good fabric and workmanship. And it fit!
  • This beret is excellent.
  • This basque beret is a little fuller than my old one, but it is of high quality, comparably priced, and fits perfectly.
  • The fabric referred to starts with first class raw materials (usually half a mile of merino wool), and ends up a finished product that is a felted wool resistant to ultraviolet light with a velvet-like feel. Extremely durable and water resistant, a Laulhere beret keeps its shape even after it's been rolled.

    Another French cap by Laulhere is The Casquette. Offered in a choice of three colors, this unlined cap style features a brim and is crafted from 100% Melton wool.

    The berets you see here are offered by Hartford York as a Laulhere ecommerce partner, as Laulhere does not ship consumer orders to the US. A customer favorite is The Deluxe French Beret, and it's a sumptuous version of that most quintessential of French headgear -- extra wide and fully lined, and available in your choice of Black or Navy. Look inside for the leather sweatband and embroidered tip sticker, then read some of the five-star reviews:

  • This beret was far beyond my expectations. Perfect fit, excellent quality.
  • Nice heavy weight wool, lined beret with leather headband.
  • This beret is so significantly better than any I've seen. The construction and heft of the material is exceptional and I'm so glad I bought one before they're no longer made.
  • Wonderful beret. The best in the world. Nobody comes close to Laulhere.
  • Beautiful, lovely, wonderful beret. Merci!
  • Made in France, authentic wool berets from the 174-year-old French beret-maker, Laulhere, can be purchased right here, right now at Hartford York. Order yours today.