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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Your choice of men's caps and hats has never been greater than with the 2014 Spring/Summer selection from John B. Stetson, part of the Stetson family of hats. New this year from JB Stetson is a longshoreman style cap in 100% linen called The Belfast. A Hartford York exclusive, this flat cap has a long silhouette and is available in your choice of three colors with sizes up to a generous XXL. With the great quality and attention to detail in every JB Stetson product, you know this is going to be a comfortable wear-anywhere cap with a perfect fit.

Other choices include a newsboy cap in linen called The Hatteras Linen as well as The Bandera Linen, a linen ivy cap, both clean and light and fresh for springtime wear. In each style, the cap brim is sewn down and you'll see the words Stetson, An American Spirt, 100% linen embroidered in the cotton lining.

For a driving cap par excellence, there's the silk and cashmere blend Bandera from JB Stetson. Featuring a fine herringbone pattern, sewn down brim, cotton lining and Stetson pin, men's caps just don't get any better than this and the comfort level is quite extraordinary. Another outstanding men's cap is The JB Stetson Silk/Cashmere Hatteras, and this time I'll let the five-star reviews do the talking:
  • Gorgeous fabric. Nice feel.
  • Excellent material. Great fit. Exactly what I have been seeking for a casual everyday hat.
  • Very elegant, yet casual, smooth and appealing...a must have!

If it's a walking hat you're after, The Geneva is a stingy brim trilby that's just the ticket. Crafted in a subtly textured linen with a 1 3/4 inch stitched brim, this cotton-lined hat features an unassuming but elegant tonal "Stetson" monogram on the trim. JB Stetson also offers The Allenport, a yachting cap in 100% cotton with exquisite details including an embroidered golden yarn crest on the front and embroidered trim on the bill. You can buy this cap in Navy or White, or just give in and buy one of each.

There's so much choice when it comes to JB Stetson, that you're sure to find whatever it is you're looking for in a cap or hat. When it's ball caps, for instance, there's The Freeport, a one size fits all cap in cotton with tonal trim at edge of brim, as well as a ball cap in a blend of hemp and linen that's very nice and boasts a weathered cotton peak and antique buckle and badge at the back. Stetson even makes rainy days fun with their rain hat and very popular Drizzler, the water repellent rain cap, about which five-star customer reviews read:

  • Great hat...loved it and wore it right away.
  • I've worn flat caps since my high school days and am always on the lookout for another nice one. When I began planning a trip to Europe, I needed a rainproof cap. The Stetson Drizzler. It arrived and I was amazed and the quality. It looks great and has the rain protection I wanted. I couldn't have found a better quality cap for my needs. 5-stars!
  • Excellent hat. Extremely well made. This is why Stetson is in a class by themselves.
  • Rain or shine, summer and winter, JB Stetson's got you covered.

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    Jb Stetson Cap - The Linen Longshoreman - image

    JB Stetson Belfast...

    Stetson Newsboy Cap - The Silk Hatteras - image

    The JB Stetson Silk...

    Jb Stetson Cap - The Bandera Ivy Silk/Cashmere - image

    Bandera Ivy...

    Jb Stetson Newsboy Cap - The Wool/Silk/Cashmere Hatteras - image

    The JB Stetson...

    Jb Stetson Cap - The Hatteras Linen Newsboy - image

    The JB Stetson...

    Jb Stetson Cap - The Geneva Linen Trilby - image

    The JB Stetson Geneva...

    Jb Stetson Cap - The Bandera Linen Ivy Cap - image

    The JB Stetson...

    Jb Stetson Safari - The Safari - image

    The JB Stetson Safari

    Jb Stetson Fedora - The Boonie - image

    The JB Stetson Boonie

    Jb Stetson Safari - The No Fly Zone Mesh Safari - image

    The JB Stetson No Fly...

    Jb Stetson Safari - The Big Brim No Fly Zone Mesh - image

    The JB Stetson No Fly...

    Jb Stetson Cool Mesh Safari - The Outback Soaka - image

    The JB Stetson Mesh...

    Stetson Ball Cap - The Hemp/Linen Cap - image

    Stetson Hemp/Linen...

    Jb Stetson Yachting Cap - The Allenport - image

    Allenport Yacht Cap

    Jb Stetson Ivy Rain Cap - The Cambridge - image

    JB Stetson Cambridge

    Stetson Trilby - The Andes - image

    Stetson Andes

    Jb Stetson Newsboy Cap - The Plaid Linen Newsboy - image

    JB Stetson Plaid...

    Stetson Trilby - The Plaid Trilby - image

    Stetson Plaid Trilby

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