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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Ivy Caps

The ivy caps we're offering in our Fall/Winter 2014 collection are some of the nicest yet, and you're sure to agree when you take a look at The Jimmy, the five-panel driver cap in 100% wool melton from the Mr. Kim collection by New York designer Eugenia Kim. With its wonderfully textured salt and pepper finish and finishing touches that include a satin lining and grosgrain sweatband, this Hartford York exclusive cap is a keeper. There's a fabulous 100% cashmere ivy cap from Borsalino you'll [more]

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Eugenia Kim Wool Driver Cap - The Jimmy - image

Mr. Kim Jimmy Driver

The Kangol Melange 507 - image

The Kangol Melange 507

Jb Stetson Ivy Cap - The Texas Patchwork Ivy - image

JB Stetson Texas...

Jb Stetson Leather Ivy Cap - The Redding - image

JB Stetson Redding...

Men's Wigens Shearling Ivy Cap - The Gustav - image


Jb Stetson Cap - The Bandera Ivy Silk/Cashmere - image

Bandera Ivy...

Sam Saba Leather And Fleece Cap - The Ivy Fleece - image

Sam Saba Leather And...

Jb Stetson Ivy Cap - The Wool Blend Modesto - image


Men's Borsalino Cashmere Ivy Cap - The Leonardo - image


The Bailey Egan - image

The Bailey Egan

Bailey Dockman Cap - The Drayer - image

Bailey Drayer Cap

Kangol Polyester Knit Ivy Cap - The Ventair 504 - image


Jb Stetson Cap - The Bandera Linen Ivy Cap - image

The JB Stetson...

Christys' Linen Patchwork Ivy Cap - The Hutton - image

Christys' Linen...

Peto Ivy Cap - The Herringbone Ivy Cap - image

Herringbone Ivy Cap

Jb Stetson Ivy Cap - The Hatteras Goat Suede Cap - image

JB Stetson Goat Suede...
$195.00   $126.75

Borsalino Ivy Cap - The Cashmere Ivy - image

Borsalino Cashmere...

Kangol Wool Ivy Cap - The Peebles - image

Kangol Ivy Cap

Wigens Ivy Cap - The Jimmy M Patchwork Cap - image

Wigens Magee...

Wigens Ivy Cap - The Harris Tweed Hans Ivy - image

Wigens Harris Tweed...
$150.00   $90.00

Wigens Cashmere Ivy Cap - The Hy Exclusive Driver - image

Wigens Exclusive...
$195.00   $107.25

Wigens Ivy Cap - The Ante Suede Ivy Cap - image

Wigens Suede Denim...

Borsalino Ivy Cap - The Silk/Wool Ivy Cap - image

Borsalino Silk/Wool...
$250.00   $137.50

Kangol Wool Cap - The Galaxy - image

Wool Galaxy

Stetson Leather Ivy Cap - The Kensington - image

JB Stetson Leather...
$225.00   $146.25

Stetson Lambskin Ivy Cap - The Quilcene - image

The John B. Stetson...

Wigens Storm System Ivy Cap - The Loro Piana Ivy Cap - image

Wigens Loro Piana Ivy

Wigens Wool/Cashmere Ivy Cap - The Windowpane Cap - image

Wigens Wool Ivy Cap

Borsalino Patch Cap - The Bellini - image

Borsalino Bellini
$195.00   $107.25

Woolrich Ivy Cap - The Yukon Flats English Ivy Cap - image

Woolrich Ivy Cap

Jb Stetson Ivy Cap  - The Wool Blend Plaid Hatteras - image

$95.00   $52.25

Borsalino Ivy Cap - The Etna - image

Borsalino Ivy Cap
$195.00   $107.25

want to take note of too. New this season, and in a fine herringbone pattern and sporting a sewn down brim, this luxurious cap is fully lined with satin and has a grosgrain sweatband for added wearer comfort. Another Borsalino cashmere cap is a customer favorite from last season that we've brought back. Called The Leonardo, it has the same finishing touches you've come to expect, including a satin lining and comfortable grosgrain sweatband, and the quality of the cashmere defies description, but is, as one satisfied customer said in his five-star review, the "best on the market."

Kangol has a new ivy cap this season called The Melange 507. This wool felt cap is made from blending different colored fibers to develop its final color. Use the zoom feature on the product page of this cap to see how striking the finished product is. There's a patchwork ivy cap from JB Stetson that'll catch your eye too. Made from a number of panels in different materials, the cap retains its unmistakeable silhouette with a sewn down brim and Stetson livens up the lining with a poker motif print.

There are a few choices of leather ivy caps, with a new one from JB Stetson called The Redding. Rugged and comfortable in 100% leather, it features microfleece lining and drop down earflaps for added protection from the elements. Then there's The Gustav, a shearling ivy cap from Wigens, made of unblemished shearling lambskin and lined for warmth with drop down earflaps. Another great winter ivy cap, this one in 100% double faced sheepskin (with Napa leather finish on the outside and plush sheepskin on the inside) comes from Sam Saba. It too offers ear flaps that drop down when needed and is water resistant as well.

Our customers love the JB Stetson Silk/Cashmere Bandera, so we've brought it back It just doesn't get any better than this ivy cap with its fine herringbone pattern, sewn down brim and cotton lining. Read the five-star reviews yourself:

  • I've bought several hats from Hartford York, and have always been satisfied--but this hat is the nicest! So soft, so light, it's perfect for fall, spring or summer. I'm thinking about buying another one in a different color.
  • Very fine material with excellent stitch work.
  • As usual...the product was of great quality. Couldn't be happier with my hat.
  • No surprises here -- the brown Stetson Bandera ivy cap that I just picked is just as beautifully made as the grey one I already had.
  • The customer is always right!
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