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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Indiana Jones

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Indiana Jones Fur Felt Fedora - The Dressed Up Indy - image

Dressed Up Indy

Indiana Jones Wool Felt Fedora - The Indy Wool Felt - image

Indiana Jones Wool Felt

Indiana Jones Wool Felt Outback - The Vintage Indy Fedora - image

The Vintage Indy

Men's Indiana Jones Safari Hat - The Cotton Twill Indy - image

Men's Indiana Jones...

Any Indiana Jones hat is an immediate classic, and The Dressed Up Indy in fur felt with its pinch front, satin lining and grosgrain ribbon band with trademark pin has its own fan base. Five-star reviews for this hat run from simple statements of fact like:

  • Hat looks good and fits good.
  • My Dressed Up Indy is still in great shape and I've had it a few years. It gets a lot of compliments and is real comfortable.

to those that provide a bit more detail: "A jewel of a hat! I was looking for a style that was neat but a bit more relaxed and casual than a true fedora. The Dressed Up Indy is just that. It arrived accurately blocked so there was no need to adjust and it fit perfectly! Honestly, I was a bit hesitant in ordering, at first, not sure if the quality of a movie prop replica would live up to my expectations. It delivered!"

If you're looking for an Indiana Jones fedora in wool felt, we offer The Indy, which is similar to the fur felt Dressed Up Indy, but made from 100% wool felt. One customer who bought this hat gave it a five-star rating and wrote: "I am an avid fan of Indy already but when other people started humming the tune from the movies when they saw my hat I was hooked. Great brim length and superior material makes one great hero hat!"

There's also The Vintage Indy, a water repellent, crushable wool felt fedora. The outback style hat features a 2 1/2 inch bound brim and is trimmed with a grosgrain ribbon with bow and authentic Indiana Jones pin.

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