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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Wow. Have you seen the men's hats from Henschel lately? From toyo porkpies in burgundy to cowboy hats in chocolate, it's all American ingenuity and straight-up good looks. For comfortable summer wear even in the harshest poolside conditions, The Canvas Breezer is a great western-style hat with a full mesh breeze-catching crown. The Breezer Two is identical, except for its wider brim, which offers even more glare protection than the already generous three-inches you get with the Breezer. (Henschel's a kind hat company, a concerned hat company, that's why.) [more]

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Men's Henschel Canvas Breezer Hat - The Breezer - image

The Breezer

Men's Henschel Oiled Cowhide Western Hat - The Dude - image


Once you've hung up your oiled and shapeable leather cowboy hat, The Dude, (the better to admire it) make sure you take a serious look at that stand-out Downer Porkpie in woven toyo, a small hat that's made big waves in the fashion world, and of course the smooth black leather dress hat straight from the smoking South Side, The Henschel Porkpie. There's also The High Roller, a leather pinch front fedora with a turned-up stingy brim, a hat most definitely for the man with chips in his pocket. For a unique topper, consider The Patch Porkpie or maybe The Carlos. Made from individually selected scraps of leather, all cleverly stitched together with contrasting thread, these are one-of-a-kind hats for one-of-a-kind guys. The best spring straw hat for men has got to be The Downer High Roller, a snappy pinch front made of woven toyo, exemplary in bone but also extremely classy in grey, brown or black. Henschel's been making hats for over half a century in the U.S. heartland, importing quality materials from all points on the globe for their facilities in St Louis, Missouri. Building on well-loved traditions, experimenting with new creations, they never lose sight of flawless style. So, let me ask you again. Have you seen Henschel lately?
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