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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Winter Hats

Even in summer, we've got winter hats for you and yours. We're talking real hats, people, like that classic dress western hat from Stetson, The Open Road Fur Felt, and another hat from Stetson, this one a fur felt fedora for men, The Firenze. Then there's hats from Bailey; first, a wonderful fur felt travel hat, The Glen; then a snap brim fedora (made of a plush rabbit fur blend) named for those who wear it--The Gentry. Of course, Biltmore is here with a glorious fur felt porkpie (in pecan, no less) and Milano shows off its Fur Felt Dress Western Hat, The Governor (admittedly a take on the classic Open Road fedora of LBJ fame). [more]

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Men's Biltmore Fur Felt Porkpie - The Porkpie - image

$175.00   $105.00

Men's Biltmore Fur Felt Porkpie Hat - The Hampton - image

$250.00   $150.00

Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Mink Trooper - image

Leinburd/Crown Cap...

You need more cool weather hats? Well, okay then. For a hat that reminds us why everyone used to wear hats, try Scala's pinch-front, fur felt fedora, The Tracy, or Makins Velour Fur Felt Fedora. If cowboy is your passion, Milano rides to the rescue with their Casablanca Dress Western Hat and their Casablanca Pure Beaver Dress Western Hat. Greeley gallops up too with The Aficionado, a beaver blend Western Dress Hat of fine proportion. Tradition of another sort is saluted with the Biltmore Fur Felt Homburg called The Carlton and Stacy Adams' Homburg Hat, The Godfrey. Sometimes, I amaze myself. I really do.
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