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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Styles in men's hats and caps for the Spring/Summer season of 2015 run the gamut from Panama fedoras and Montecristi hats by designers that range from Biltmore and Brent Black to Tommy Bahama and Carlos Santana to dress straw hats by Borsalino and Christys' London. Some hats are exclusive to Hartford York and these are always exciting, with finds like a new [more]

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Kangol Newsboy Cap - The Tropic Galaxy - image


Super Duper Fedora - The Natural - image

Vintage Paper Braid...

SuperDuper dress fedora in Grey to join the Vintage Black and Paper Braid fedoras, all issued in very limited numbers.

This year's collection of caps is impressive, with a magnificent linen cap from SuperDuper and that great longshoreman-style ivy cap from JB Stetson. We've got authentic Laulhere berets, directly from France, and when you see what's on tap in our new Made in the USA section, you're sure to find something among the pork pie hats, fedoras and stingy brim trilbys that you like.

When fitting a larger head, with sizes to 25 1/4 inches, our array of 2X and 3X sizes will certainly be appreciated. Whether it's a ball cap or straw safari hat you need in extra-large (or even a dress hat in Size 7 7/8), you'll find it here.

Summer's the time for cool cotton hats too, and if cotton blend Greek Fisherman doesn't wow you with its elaborate sutash braid, there's no telling what will. Of course, if you're thinking about hitting the open road, you'll want to check out our line of straw cowboy hats which (of course) includes that classic, The Open Road from Stetson.

Throughout the year, you can place your order for fur felt hats too in any style you choose, including top hats (always good for weddings, graduations and magic shows). Whatever the season and whatever the style -- from ivy caps to fedoras -- you'll always find a wide selection of the best hats and caps on the market made by the world's top designers here at Hartford York. Order your hat today!
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