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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Hat Care

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Bickmore Hat Cleaner - The Hat Cleaner - image

Bickmore Cleaner

Stain Repellant - Gard More - image

Stain Repellant

Hat Cleaning Supplies - The Bickmore Cleaning Kit - image

Cleaning Kit

Hat Cleaner - Nustraw Hat Cleaner - image

Straw Cleaner

Hat Stiffener - Kahl & Sons - image

Hat Stiffener

Hat Brush - The Light Or Dark Hat Brush - image


Hat Treatment - Duck Back Dressing - image

Duck Back Dressing

Hat Stretcher - The Hat Jack - image

Hat Stretchers

Hat care products are insurance (that really works) for hats. You pay good money for a top quality felt fedora or panama straw porkpie, so you need to have a high-grade cleaner that's safe to use on that specific material and can remove stains from the hat properly, without ruining it. You should have a proper hat brush too (natural horsehair bristles are best) and remember to use the dark brush on your dark fur felt dress hats, saving your light-colored brush for fur felt hats in beige, eggshell, tan and other light colors. If you try brushing your straw hat, I swear I'll cry.

The hat care products you see here are only those I personally use and recommend, whether it's a stiffener to add shape and body to felt hats or a stain repellent that protects most hats from water and oil-based stains.

Life happens to hats too, you know. Get your hat care products so you and your hat can breathe easy.