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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
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The men's hat brands at include some of the most famous brand names in the world, like Borsalino with their classic summer dress fedora, The Vented Montecristi, as well as a new (and jaunty) trilby in cool-for-summer linen, and Stetson with straw hats you know simply by name such as Stratoliner and Open Road. Other trusted brands include Christys' London [more]

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Laulhere Wool Beret - The Deluxe French Beret - image

Beret Deluxe

Super Duper Fedora - The Black Parabuntal Fedora - image

Super Duper Vintage...

Anthony Peto Linen Newsboy - The La Louvre - image

Anthony Peto Linen...
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with smart ivy caps and fine Panama hats and Carlos Santana with a brilliant new shantung fedora in color Pistachio. Don't miss The Spirit of Passion silk twill camp shirt from the Santana by Carlos Santana line. Exclusive to Hartford York, it's a very limited edition tribute shirt, personally blessed by the legendary musician himself.

New this year, and offered in very limited numbers, are two SuperDuper fedoras. These handmade hats are from Italian designer Matteo Gioli who crafted the Black Fedora from woven parabuntal fiber and the Natural Fedora from paper braid. Soft, light and extremely fine, these hats are made by and for hat lovers. Order yours today; you won't be disappointed. Another don't-miss hat is the hand-blocked toyo straw fedora from designer Tracy Watts of NYC. I've been a big fan of Tracy Watts from the moment I saw her designs. She's been bringing her artistry to the world of classic hats for two decades now and people who wear her hats tend to be true connoisseurs.

Anthony Peto of Paris, another favorite of hat collectors and stylish gents alike, offers a beautifully crafted paper straw safari as well as a new full cut newsboy cap in linen, both hats sure to take a place of favor at the top of your hat rack this summer. The Montecristi Panama hats by Brent Black are available for your ultimate wearing pleasure, with The Classic and The Aficionado hat prime examples of wearable art for your crown. Master weavers take months to weave the straw into a fine linen feel, at which point the fedoras are shaped, hand-blocked and finished to perfection. As one satisfied customer states in his five-star review for The Classic: "while a high-end hat, is a lifetime hat. It is light, looks good, and wears like iron."

You probably already wear Tommy Bahama silk or linen shirts (check out The Floral Nouveau, my new favorite for the season) and jeans of course, but now you can put the Island Lifestyle brand on your head too with Tommy Bahama Hats, which includes fedoras in buri braid, toyo and linen. For a little irreverence in your apparel, take a look at some of the Nat Nast vintage-inspired camp shirts, like The Resto Rod and The Spirit of Passion. If you're looking for shirts designed specifically for men who are risk takers, artisans and/or mavericks (tongue-in-cheek or otherwise), you'll revel in this season's Robert Graham men's apparel collection replete with a dazzling color palette and unbelievable patterns, detailed with embroidery, custom buttons and fancy stitching. Look for the RG motto (Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth) stitched somewhere on every shirt.

From Panama pork pies and sisal walking hats hand blocked by Makins in NYC to newsboys from Kangol and fedoras in fur felt from Indiana Jones, you're sure find the brand name hat you've always wanted at Hartford York, for every season, throughout the year.
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