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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers


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Greeley Hat Works doesn't make cowboy hats -- they build 'em. Owner Trent Johnson's proud of having built dress western hats, like The Open Road, for gentlemen ranchers, U.S. Presidents, famous entertainers, and "some darn fine cowboys." And we've got some of the best of Greeley hats right here, including The Aficionado, a shape created by Trent himself, and crafted from a supple blend of natural beaver and high quality European hare. It's not just the rich finishing touches like the reeded leather sweatband and satin lining that brings this hat to the upper strata, or even the self-band with a hand-engraved sterling silver buckle (although that's a sure touch). It's more the combination of those features in conjunction with the innovative and very slight curl of the brim, which runs three-fourths of the circumference, to the down-turned front.

Same level of excellence with The Gus, another fur felt masterpiece based on the Old West rancher style of the late 19th century, with the back brim squared off. I think I read somewhere that the look started in a gun battle, when the back of a hat was blasted off, but perhaps I just made that up. Of course, the 100% hitched horsehair band is hand-woven, then doubled and tasseled, lending a bit more authenticity (and just a touch of showmanship). For something completely different, The Leveret is a fur felt hat for the cosmopolitan cowboy, styled as it is with a hint of Italian rakishness, a taste of big-city attitude, and a major load of the insouciance that hat-wearers around the world tend to enjoy.

Dress up your western and swagger a little. You've earned it.