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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Greek Fisherman

The Greek Fisherman cap enjoys an enduring popularity for many reasons, but probably the type of man who tends to wear it coupled with the lifestyle it traditionally represents (hard-working, of few words, trustworthy) has a lot to do with it. Certainly the fact that [more]

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Men's Leather Cap - The Leather Greek Fisherman - image

The Zorba

Aegean Wool Cap - The Wool Greek Fisherman - image

Aegean Wool Greek...

Men's Aegean Cotton Blend Greek Fisherman's Hat - The Cotton Greek Fisherman - image


Jb Stetson Yachting Cap - The Allenport - image

Allenport Yacht Cap

Men's Yachtsman Cap - The Yachtsman - image

Men's Yachtsman Cap

Aegean Fisherman Cap - The Cotton Greek Fisherman - image

Cotton Greek...

Aegean Wool Fisherman - The Authentic Greek Fisherman Cap - image

Wool Greek Fisherman Cap

Greek Fisherman Cap - The Leather Fisherman's Cap - image

Leather Greek...

Aegean Greek Wool Cap - The Fiddler - image

Greek Fiddler Cap

Aegean Greek Cap - The Aegean Admiral - image

Wool Admiral Cap

The Zorba is crafted from soft lambskin, has a satin lining and very sharp rope braid trim probably helps a bit. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that the hat stands up well to the weather and looks great, all at the same time. Customers who have bought this cap call it "beautiful" and say it's "exactly as described." One top-rated review reads: "Totally satisfied with this product. Recommend to anyone."

There's a wool version of the Greek Fisherman, of course. This authentic cap from Aegean Imports is made of a wool blend, decorated with an elaborate sutash braid and imported from Greece. One satisfied customer left a five-star review for this cap, saying: "Great fit and function. Quality seems fine."

The Greek Fisherman cap also come in a cool cotton blend and is decorated with the sutash braid and embroidered brim just like its woolen counterpart. It's available throughout the year, no matter the season, so if you live in or are travelling to warmer climes, you can order your cap today. If it's a cotton cap you need, there's one from JB Stetson you might wish to consider. Called The Allenport, it's a magnificent yachting cap and features an embroidered golden yarn crest on the front and embroidered trim on bill as well as a pin with three metal stars on the side.
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