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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
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Great Gifts Under $100

Looking for gifts under $100? The selection of gift ideas for him (and her) here at should fit that bill! After all, we've got gifts that are good to give all year round (like men's cologne) as well as seasonal and holiday gifts (like cashmere caps and leather hats). If it's Christmas gifts under $100 you need to stock up on, you can choose from berets, gloves, mink fur earmuffs and even mittens for men (because those darn snowballs really chill our sensitive fingers!). [more]

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Products per Page
Laulhere Wool Cap - The Casquette Beret - image

French Beret Casquette

Eyebobs Sunreader Glasses - The Bench Mark Sunreaders - image

Eyebobs Bench Sunreaders

Jb Stetson Cap - The Geneva Linen Trilby - image

The JB Stetson Geneva...

Bailey Dockman Cap - The Drayer - image

Bailey Drayer Cap

Men's Fragrance - The St. Johns Bay Rum (8 Oz) - image

St. Johns Bay Rum (8 Oz)

Men's Scala Water Repellent Cotton Rain Hat - The Travel Roll-Up - image


Eyebobs Reader Glasses - The Turbulence Sunreaders - image

Eyebobs Turbulence...

Jb Stetson Yachting Cap - The Allenport - image

Allenport Yacht Cap

 - image


Bailey Ball Cap - The Dundas - image

The Baily Dundas Ball...

Stetson Rain Cap - The Drizzler - image

Stetson Drizzler

Hat Brush - The Light Or Dark Hat Brush - image


Bailey Straw Fedora - The Ventilated Jackson - image

The Bailey Jackson

Carlos Santana Men's Cotton Cadet Cap - The Spirit - image

Carlos Santana Cadet Cap

Eyebobs Reader Glasses - The Topless - image


Men's Fragrance - The St. Johns Bay Rum (4 Oz) - image

St. Johns Bay Rum (4 Oz)

Jb Stetson Cap - The Freeport Ball Cap - image

Freeport Ball Cap

Bickmore Hat Cleaner - The Hat Cleaner - image

Bickmore Cleaner

Kangol Wool Cap - The 504 Ivy - image


 - image


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  ...continued from above

Going away gifts and graduation presents are easy to buy too: solid brass luggage tags, men's leather wallets and watches from Tommy Bahama are just a few ideas that come to mind.

Gifts are fun to give (and more fun to get), but they can be extremely useful as well -- a stylish pair or two of reading glasses from Eyebobs is one case in point, but even hat cleaning supplies can be deemed indispensable when the occasion arises. Don't believe me? Then try wearing your pants without a belt -- all of a sudden, getting useful gifts like leather belts doesn't seem such a bad idea anymore.

When it's fun in the sun gifts, we've got leather sandals and straw hats galore at the ready for well under $100, but for anytime gift-giving, don't forget to stock up on Gift Certificates, available in amounts from $20 up.
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