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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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You're special, so your fedoras and ball caps should be special too. That's why we've worked with the best in the business to bring you newsboys and pork pies you'll find nowhere else, online or worldwide. For the Fall/Winter 2014 season, we've got exclusive hats from Borsalino, JB Stetson, SuperDuper and Anthony Peto as well as the NYC workshops of noted hatmakers Tracy Watts and Eugenia Kim. There's The Chattanooga, for instance, from SuperDuper. This magnificent newsboy cap is made from [more]

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Super Duper Fedora - The Black Parabuntal Fedora - image

Super Duper Vintage...

Superduper Linen Newsboy - The Chattanooga - image

Chattanooga Linen...

Super Duper Fedora - The Natural - image

Vintage Paper Braid...

Super Duper Vintage Duke - image

Super Duper Vintage

Stetson Shantung Fedora - The Rantoul - image

The Stetson Rantoul

Anthony Peto Linen Newsboy - The La Louvre - image

Anthony Peto Linen...

Tracy Watts Toyo Fedora - The Vinnie - image

Tracy Watts Fedora

Borsalino Montecristi Fedora - The Vented Montecristi - image

Vented Montecristi
$1295.00   $712.25

Santana Panama Fedora - The Santana Special - image

Santana Special

Nat Nast Silk Shirt - The Santana Spirit Of Passion - image

Spirit Of Passion Shirt

Anthony Peto Newsboy - The Irlandaise - image

Peto Newsboy Irlandise

Tracy Watts Fur Felt Fedora - The Bed-Stuy - image

Watts Bed-Stuy Fedora

Eugenia Kim Leather Ball Cap - The Darien - image

Mr. Kim Leather Ball Cap

Jb Stetson Leather Cap - The Brooklin Newsboy - image

JB Stetson Brooklyn...

Tracy Watts Ball Cap - The Highball Cap - image

Watts Highball Cap

Tracy Watts Fur Felt Derby - The Bed-Stuy - image

Watts Bed-Stuy Derby

Scala Cashmere Watch Cap - The Kashmir - image


Anthony Peto Cashmere/Wool Cap - The Montparnesse - image

Peto Montparnesse

Anthony Peto Leather Pork Pie - The Jelly Bone - image

Peto Jellybone...

Eugenia Kim Wool Driver Cap - The Jimmy - image

Mr. Kim Jimmy Driver

substantial and heavyweight linen, perfect for fall weather when it's just turning cool. Features include a snap brim, leather strap in back and cotton lining. From the Mr. Kim line by Eugenia Kim, there's The Jimmy, a driver cap in 100% wool melton with a wonderful textured salt and pepper finish and a two snap front, as well as a don't-miss "Civil War" cap called The Lincoln. Crafted from a deluxe blend of wool with cashmere and mink, this cadet-style cap features a contrast and is finished with a satin lining. As with all Kim caps, it is made in the USA and sold exclusively by Hartford York.

If it's a fur felt hat you need for your hat rack, New York designer, Tracy Watts, designed a couple of hats this year, exclusively for Hartford York (and you). There's The Bed-Stuy Fedora and The Bed-Stuy Derby, both featuring two inch bound brims, contrast color keepers and grosgrain ribbon trims with bows and pins. Each fur felt hat is lined with satin and fitted with a grosgrain fabric sweatband. You may need to spluge--choosing between the two Hartford York exclusive hats next to impossible!

Ball caps are great to have on hand, whatever the season, and we've got a couple of exclusive ones you won't want to miss. The JB Stetson ball cap is made from two tone leather and has the Stetson badge to one side; a handsome cap, to be sure. The Highball is a Tracy Watts ball cap, and this one features a leather brim and leather front panels with its back panels in wool. It's a sleek and stylish cap, and both baseball caps are of course made exclusively for Hartford York. If it's leather you like, there's a leather newsboy cap by JB Stetson called The Brooklyn that you might want to see. Look closely at the brim -- it's in a contrast color, and the look is good.

We asked Borsalino to make a classic newsboy cap in 100% cashmere, exclusively for Hartford York customers, and they did. It has a fine herringbone pattern in a mix of black, grey and white, and it's fully lined in satin for a supremely comfortable wear. Another exclusive newsboy is one from Anthony Peto of Paris called The Bakers Boy 2014. This is a full cut cap in wool with a single snap front, and it's a keeper, as is that Peto hat called The Jellybone, a fully-lined leather pork pie with a just-stingy two inch brim.
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