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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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The men's dress hats for the Fall/Winter season here at Hartford York are about the nicest we've ever had (as are, of course, those that make up our collection of Spring/Summer dress hats for men). Take the new Borsalino hat, The Traveler, for example. The open crown fur felt fedora has been given a melusine finish, which gives it a striking textured look and feel. In Navy Blue, this unlined dress hat is simply trimmed with an elegant ribbon and bow. We've brought back

The Cervelt, a unique and extravagant dress hat (also from Borsalino)made from a blend of fur that includes the soft underside fur from the New Zealand red deer. One customer who reviewed the fedora said:
By far the nicest hat that I have ever owned. Incredibly soft material that keeps very well its shape. Very distinctive color.
Makins is always a great source of new dress hats for men, and this year is no exception. The Preakness is a modern velour fur felt pinch front fedora in Chocolate. Finished with a contrast ribbon and bow, its raw edge brim measures 2 1/4 inches. If it's a homburg you're looking for from the New York hatter, The Belmont might do quite nicely. With its very stingy brim, upturned bound brim, this fur felt dress hat is a new classic. For the same Grey fur felt, but in a fedora, The Derby could be the hat for you. This Makins dress hat features a navy blue band and bow and double piping. For something different, take a look at a hat Makins calls The Hollywood. In a color that can only be called Butterscotch, this fur felt dress hat is trimmed with a brown ribbon band and bow with sideways feather. A really nice touch.

Bailey has also come up with perfect-for-the-season dress hats, and they're all made in the U.S.A. One is The Edsel, and this pinch front fedora is made from Bailey's Superior Fur Felt. The curled brim gives it a truly distinctive look. From the same line, you'll see The Duffy with its teardrop crown, snap brim and tacked bow. Until it sells out, you can choose this fur felt hat in Black or Cognac. Another choice is The Burl, and it's available only in Grey. From the Bailey Superior Fur Felt line, this fur felt fedora features a center dent crown with a two inch snap brim, and grosgrain trim with bow.

When you want a dress hat that's exclusive, we offer a couple made by the New York designer, Tracy Watts, exclusively for Hartford York (and you). There's The Bed-Stuy Fedora and The Bed-Stuy Derby, both hats crafted from fur felt and featuring two inch bound brims, contrast color keeper and grosgrain ribbon trim with bow and pin. Each is lined with satin and fitted with a grosgrain fabric sweatband. The only trouble you'll have is picking which of the two hats to order!

There are other dress hat styles and brands to consider, including top hats, of course, as well as a new wool felt fedora from the Mr. Kim line of hats by NY designer Eugenia Kim, and a leather pork pie from the Paris workshop of Anthony Peto (another Hartford York exclusive). Don't you just love this time of year?